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‘DWTS’ Judge Derek Hough Says He’s A ‘Tough’ Judge To Make Dancers Better

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Derek Hough has a new role on Dancing With The Stars this season. He used to be one of the show’s most popular “pros.” However, this year, he’s sitting at the judge’s table.

While some might have thought he’d be a pushover because of his experiences on the program, it turns out the opposite is true. Speaking to US Weekly on Friday, he said he’s surprised the reaction his judging got early on.

Derek says viewers tell him “all the time” that’s he’s “too tough.” He doesn’t agree, though understands why some think so.

“I had no intention to be tough or anything like that, but I guess what I realize, for me, is that I think I just have a lot of respect. I have a lot of respect for these celebrities and what they’re doing and I genuinely want to give them some feedback. ‘Cause I know for me when I was a pro, I wanted actual feedback. I want to learn how to be better. So that’s what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Hough said he’ll never be mean. When he gives feedback to dancers, he’ll deliver it delicately. That doesn’t mean he’ll let poor performances slide.

He said his top goal is to make everyone better. In order to do that, he said he’ll be honest about certain things. Some viewers see that as “brutal” honestly, apparently.

Derek Hough Feeling Some Growing Pains

The professional dancer who made his name on Dancing With The Stars knows he needs some critiques every now and then as well. He said he knows there are some things he needs to improve. Chief among those is getting his results in quicker.

He also tends to want to give more advice that DWTS allows.

“I’d love to [say], ‘OK, work on this and that,’” he said. “And I realize, ‘Oh yeah, this is live TV and I only have 10 seconds to say something.’”

If he is struggling here or there, he should be given some leeway. The former DWTS pro hasn’t been a judge for very long at all.

Derek announced he’d be joining the show as a judge in early September. That certainly thrilled long-time fans of the show just as they were getting ready to check out season 29.

Personal Life Charging Along

The reality television personality might be learning a new career, but at least he can lean back on consistency in his private life. He recently said he and partner Hayley Erbert are very happy together. They’ve even started a YouTube channel together.

Despite success in his romantic life, Derek Hough said wedding bells aren’t coming in the near future. He said the couple aren’t rushing into anything until they’re completely comfortable taking that step.

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