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‘Welcome To Plathville’: Micah’s Fans Rave About The New Season Coming This Year

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Welcome To Plathville brings a second season of the show. The news came from TLC in mid-September. But, it seems that many of Micah Plath’s fans missed the announcement. When he shared a poster for the next season on Instagram, his fans raved about it. Certainly, it generates a lot of excitement.

Welcome to Plathville – Micah’s fans super-excited about season 2

We reported that the show returns in November on TLC. We noted that despite Olivia saying she wouldn’t appear in another season, she and Ethan feature a lot in the new season. And, fans will see that Ethan and Olivia discuss the possibility of a divorce. It comes because of all the division in the family.

Recall, last season, Kim and Barry Plath hated that Olivia “corrupted” the other kids in the sheltered family. She gave them sweet things to eat, and taught them about life outside of the farm.

In the last season, fans saw that Moriah also craved her emanciaption, and Micah went off for a modelling audition. Now, Micah and Moriah left the family home. In fact, the Welcome to Plathville parents moved off the farm and into a house in town. So, the show probably moves away from farm life.

Since the show ended, Micah picked up loads of fans who adore him. And, he works out, flaunts a ripped body, and looks like a pro-model these days. Those fans erupted with excitement when Micah shared a new poster for Season 2.

Micah shares a poster, excited fans react

Micah’s poster revealed that he, Moriah, Ethan and Olivia stand in the foreground, away from the other kids and their parents. So, many of them hope for way more focus on them than Barry and Kim. Excited fans sound jubilant that the show returns with their fan-favorite, Micah. Here’s what some Welcome to Pathville fans said about it:

  • “OMG I can’t wait!!!!!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼.”
  • “guilty pleasure 🙌🏼🙌🏼.”
  • “Omg my bf is gonna be so excited 😂.”
  • “look at this good news!!”
  • “IM SO READY!!!”
  • “finally some good news.”
  • “Yaaaaassss. I love this advertisement it’s perfect for the dynamic.”
  • “Awesome been waiting too long so happy to hear you are coming back on can’t wait!”

Plenty more fans just says “Yayyy!” And, lots of them  really hope for plenty of footage of Micah in the next season of Welcome To Plathville.

Adoring fans of Micah Plath

Micah’s adoring fans can’t get over how he looks so handsome these days. In fact, some of them wondered if he ends up the “new James Dean.” As one fan noted on his Instagram, the new season gives him more opportunity to hone a potential acting career.

What did you think of Micah Plath’s fans getting so excited about the new season of Welcome to Plathville? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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