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‘The Masked Singer’: Fans Share Ideas On Who Is Whatchamacallit

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The Masked Singer had a strong start. Last week, the fourth season premiered. There was even a special that introduced the masked celebrities. Fans have already been sharing their guesses for who’s hiding under each costume.

Most of those theories surround Whatchamacallit. This wild character has fans confused the most. They’re stumped as to who could be underneath the mask and what the heck the costume is about. It’s the wildest character to come to the show since Thingamajig.

It’s the furriest and most colorful costume to hit the stage yet. The costume makes this contestant even more mysterious. Here are some clues and theories on Whatchamacallit.

The introduction to Whatchamacallit

The Masked Singer released a teaser video of Whatchatmacallit’s clue package. Some fans think the contestant is affiliated with magic. Is the person a magician? Or, did they star in a magical movie or TV Show?

“Some might say that my career had a magical start,” the Whatchamacallit says in its clue package. There’s also a shot of a playing card on fire. So, is the contestant really a magician?

The masked contestant also talks about “secret passageways” and “secret codes.” The Whatchamacallit also gives a shoutout to its “secret admirers” in the clue package.

“America, I know you’re ‘hair-dyeing’ to know my identity,” the Whachatmacallit says. “But forget trying to figure out who I am. Can someone just tell me what I am?”

What do The Masked Singer fans think?

One of the possible fan theories is magician Neil Patrick Harris. Others think it’s American magician David Copperfield or street performer David Blane. Fans also guessed illusionist Criss Angel and magician Zach King, who got his start on Vine. However, only Gen Z knows of him. King has attracted over 49 million people on TikTok with his magical videos.

Preview trailer introduces Group B

Group A got their introduction last week. Now, it’s Group B’s turn. The Masked Singer Season 4 is changing it up. Instead of having the same group perform several weeks straight, each group will perform each week.

Fans won’t get to see Group A perform for several weeks. This week’s group includes Baby Alien, Crocodile, Seahorse, Serpent, and of course, Whatchamacallit. Group B also has a shocking twist. In the trailer, judge Ken Jeong is heard saying, “It’s gonna change the show forever!”

“For the first time in ‘Masked Singer’ history, there’s a moment so unexpected, so surprising, it will have everybody talking,” the trailer teases.

Baby Alien will make history as the first puppet to appear on the singing competition. The celebrity’s body is hidden out of sight, as they control Baby Alien’s movements like a puppeteer. Some fans are wondering if it’s a famous puppeteer hiding under there. This week’s episode is already shaping up to be an interesting one.

Who do you think is the Whatchamacallit? Sound off below in the comments section.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesday, September 29 at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

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