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Jinger Vuolo Says Felicity’s All About One Thing At The Moment

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Jinger Vuolo took to her Instagram and shared another post about her adorable daughter, Felicity. Fans never tire of news about Jim Bob Duggar’s granddaughter. They see her moving through her milestones often. And, they heard that the cute kid turned two years old this year. Now, it seems Felicity focuses on one thing at the moment. And, Jinger’s fans got a bit of a giggle off it.

Jinger Vuolo reveals Felicity’s latest passion

Jinger took to her Instagram on Monday and shared a photo of Felicity sitting on the bed. Next to the window, it made a great perch for her daughter Felicity. The Counting On star captioned it with, “Felicity is all about…keeping up with what’s going on outdoors. 👀.” Then, she noted that each evening she hopes for a sighting of “da moon.” But Duggar fans giggled a bit at the post. After all, pushing the blinds to one side, Felicity peeped outside.

One Jinger Vuolo follower joked, “hello…911? I spotted something suspicious going down next door!…ha ha! Cute Felicity!” And another one said that Felicity looks like an “adorable member of the Neighborhood Watch.” And, one UK fan said that people who watch others from the window get called “curtain peepers.” So, they joked that Felicity kept an eye on everyone. But most people talked about how the little girl loves looking at the moon.

Kids Felicity’s age seem obsessed by the moon

Some fans said that their children also seem obsessed with the moon. So many of them told Jinger the same thing. Kids like peeping up at the moon before they go and sleep.  Some of her fans suggested she teaches Felicity the “I see the moon 🌝 and the moon sees me” song.” Another Counting On fan wrote, “Our nightly routine with our son always includes looking for the moon 🌜 so sweet 💛.”

Jinger Vuolo gets lucky in October because two full moons come along in one month, So, no doubt Felicity and her mom moon-gaze under the soft light. As Kindercare points out, “Children constantly remind us that awe is all around—if only we take time to notice.” The outlet recommends that parents use the fascination kids have for the moon to educate them about the skies.

Teaching kids about the night skies

The website even recommends a couple of books for kids. These include Goodnight Moon and Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me. Available on Amazon, the books make a great opportunity to “ask your child questions about what she sees on the page.” No doubt, they quickly learn to identify the moon! And everyone, at one stage of their lives, feels that awesome moment of beauty when they spot the moon riding high in the sky.

Perhaps, Jinger Vuolo treasures the days in the future when she too, looks up at the moon and recalls her cute toddler peeping out the window.

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