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’90 Day Fiance’ Star Jihoon Could Serve Five Years In Prison After Deavan’s Abuse Claims

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90 Day Fiance star Jihoon Lee is staring a minimum prison sentence of five years in the face in the wake of abuse allegations made by his former partner, Deavan Clegg. While fans of the reality television show knew there were problems between the two, the idea those problems were criminal in nature is a relatively new development. Those problems were already enough to force the two to split.

The couple has kept mostly mum on just what led to the separation. Deavan claimed she couldn’t say everything she wanted about Jihoon because of her contract. Screen Rant reported on Monday the “unspeakable things” hinted at are out in the open now. She claims he committed abuse against her daughter, Drascilla.

Indeed, it’s thought Drascilla running away at one point was due to Jihoon’s treatment of her. That abuse is also what drove Deavan to leave Jihoon and South Korea abruptly. 90 Day Fiance Producers reportedly spurred her into returning to America. They allegedly helped her get a return trip to Utah in short order while keeping the allegations under wraps. The pair skipped the Tell-All for the same reason.

Jihoon facing South Korean justice

If the allegations prove true, Jihoon will have regrets for more than one reason. It was his insistence that Deavan come to Korea that could lead to a long prison term. That country’s government is quite a bit harsher on convicted abusers.

South Korean child protection laws demand a minimum of five years in prison, according to Screen Rant. He could serve as much as a decade behind bars.

Of course, there are a couple of caveats in all of this. While Deavan has hinted at what happened and what Jihoon did, she hasn’t gone public with specific allegations. Abuse can take many forms in someone’s mind and it isn’t clear what form these incidents take.

Jihoon is notorious among 90 Day Fiance fans of being lazy and shiftless. His lack of interest in parenting was on display for viewers, early and often. Are Deavan’s allegations based in abandonment and neglect, or something more physical?

Questions surround ’90 Day Fiance’ couple

Deavan has been grilled several times by fans on just what she means by her allegations. Originally, she said she wanted people to tune into the Tell-All to see. Then the couple’s episode was canceled or delayed. So far, there has been no clarification from anyone.

Deavan is active on social media. It’s possible she’ll clear up the issue one way or another in coming days. Until then, it’s all speculation and recriminations. Jihoon has not addressed the rumors directly either. One can assume he wants nothing to do with those allegations unless and until they’re made in a more formal way.

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