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‘Love After Lockup’ Fans Disturbed By Tracie Wagaman’s OnlyFans Advert

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Love After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman moved to Las Vegas. There, she enjoys the nightlife hanging in casinos. Mind you, at one stage she said she wasn’t winning. But, it looks like she wins on her OnlyFans account. She posted up two photos advertising the account, but some fans felt quite disturbed by it.

Love After Lockup – Tracie Wagaman in Las Vegas starts OnlyFans account

We reported in July, that Tracie enjoyed Vegas but felt a bit down as she didn’t win money. It seems that she enjoys the nightlife and the casinos. But, many fans cautioned her. After all, the city’s not the best place for a recovering meth addict. It came after she won some money at a casino in Albuquerque. Many fans thought she chose a career in gambling. And, at the time, she looked clear-eyed and sober.

Starcasm reported about the idea of Las Vegas. Back in February, she posted up a photo and captioned it with, “Vegas…. here i come!” But, her bad-luck streak might keep on going in those casinos. Apparently, the Love After Lockup star now turned to a new OnlyFans account for more income. Actually, these days, plenty of people follow suit. And, some of them earn quite good money with rather raunchy pics and videos.

Fans disturbed by OnlyFans advert

Tracey shared her photos on Instagram this weekend. She shut off the comments, but @90dayfiancegossip shared one of them. And there, fans talked about the OnlyFans averts. In one post, Tracie said, “I just got done with a photo shoot. The photos are very explicit- the uncropped version of this one leaves NOTHING to the imagination.” Then, she claimed that her OnyFans account brought her more success than she “imagined.”

Plus, the Love After Lockup star promised she intends on “raising the price.” Apparently she “loves” this opportunity and enjoys sharing the intimate side of her life. So, she offered a “discounted price” and free content for new OnlyFans. But, some WEtv fans felt rather disturbed by the photo. They talked about it over on @90dayfiancegossip. Actually, the picture revealed not much intimacy but came across as very suggestive.

Fans react to Tracie and her new income source

One fan commented, “Her assortment of cheap party city wigs is more shocking than this picture.” And then, another fan wrote, “I saw this and was so disturbed!” One fan noted, “O M F G!!! NOBODY wants to see that old cr*ck hole. 🤮🤮🤮,” And, anther person agreed, writing, “NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT 😭💀.” Disgusted, a follower noted, “I just threw up in my mouth 🤢.”

But apparently, many people choose to join the Love After Lockup star’s OnlyFans account. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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