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Lala Kent Claps Back At Scheana Shay Saying She’s A Bad Friend

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Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is not having it with Scheana Shay’s drama! A day after Scheana’s bombshell podcast about their friendship made the news, Lala is clapping back. The Give Them Lala Beauty mogul published a lengthy statement on her Instagram Stories and it was a doozy! 

Lala Kent Responds to Scheana’s Podcast With a 5-Point Statement

On Scheana’s Scheananigans, the “Good as Gold ” singer let fans know why she wasn’t at the gender reveal party for Lala’s baby. Lala is expecting her first child with fiance Randall Emmett in 2021. Her Pump Rules co-stars Brittany Cartwright and Stassi Schroeder are also pregnant. 

In July, Scheana revealed that she suffered a miscarriage around the time that Stassi announced her pregnancy a month earlier. Part of the issue Scheana brought up on her podcast was Lala not being there for her during her miscarriage. 

Lala didn’t appreciate Scheana talking about her on her podcast and took to Instagram Stories to share her side. 

In a long missive, the model wrote 5 points to combat Scheana’s account of the situation. For her first point, Lala brings Scheana’s boyfriend, Brock Davies, into their feud. She writes that Brock turned off his phone and went golfing the day Scheana talks about on her podcast. 

She writes that Scheana’s relationships are “train wrecks” and “reality TV gold.” 

Scheana also said that Lala chose to go to dinner with her famous pals Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly instead of consoling Scheana. To that, Lala brought up Scheana recently mentioning having an throuple with John Mayer, which Lala hilariously misspelled as “Mayor.” 

Points 3 and 4 talk about how self-centered Scheana is. Lala says that her Pump Rules co-star has a tendency to make everything about Scheana. Additionally, none of the Bravo stars can “keep up” with Scheana’s expectations. 

For point 5, the Pump Rules star goes back to shading Scheana’s boyfriend Brock. She writes that she didn’t know “I’m going to bed” means “Come over right now.” 

However, Us Weekly reports that Lala “promised” Scheana’s mom that she would look after Scheana. 

Fans Side With Scheana in the Vanderpump Rules Feud

Scheana Shay is definitely one of the most polarizing stars of Vanderpump Rules. Fans either love her or hate her. Earlier this year, viewers found out that one of the show’s editors was purposely making Scheana look bad. 

Despite the usual mixed reactions to Scheana, fans on social media were mainly on her side. Instagram fan account @_surrules shared a screenshot of Lala’s Instagram post.

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In the comment section, many fans took up for Scheana. Fans responses included: 

  • “Girl shut up. Lala was never a good friend to scheana. She dropped her and Ariana as soon as Stassi, Katie and Brittany accepted her. We get it scheana is self centered but she’s not a mean person like lala and her new friends.”
  • “I pretty much despise Scheana but anyone else notice how LaLa doesn’t really refute the main claims Scheana made against her but instead deflects on ancillary issues?”
  • “Just apologize for not being there when she needed you. Why the f*ck can’t you just do that instead of respond with bullet points?”
  • “I llike Lala but this is f*cked up. Scheana was there for her in the beginning and it does seem like once she became friends with the other girls, she didn’t want to be friends with Scheana anymore.”

What do you think about Lala’s response? Did she go too far by bringing Brock into it? Go to our Facebook page and leave a comment with your thoughts.

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