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Stassi Schroeder Highlights Hair, Tells Mom Shamers: ‘Just Let Me Live’

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Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder recently visited a hair salon. And she doesn’t want any grief about it from fans! But, unlike the hot topic at the moment, it has nothing to do with wearing masks. 

Instead, Stassi wants to stop mommy shamers in their tracks. Stassi announced her pregnancy in June, with a January due date. 

Stassi Slowly Rejoining Social Media After June Firing

Shortly after George Floyd’s death in May, the spotlight shined bright on racial equality. This included calling out racist – or racially insensitive – behavior. Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder was among the celebrities who had to face their own bad behavior. 

Her former Pump Rules co-star, Faith Stowers, gave an interview about her time as the only Black cast member. Faith inadvertently started a firestorm after revealing that Stassi and Kristen Doute once called the police on her. Stassi and Kristen accused Faith of a crime she didn’t commit, likely as retaliation for an affair with Jax Taylor. 

The backlash from fans was swift and immediate. However, Bravo took over a week to act. The action they took was to fire both Kristen and Stassi, as well as Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni. Brett and Max had posted racist tweets, which Bravo knew about in January. 

Pump Rules Alum Had Her First Post-COVID Hair Appointment

A week after she was let go from Bravo, Stassi made the surprising announcement that she was pregnant. That was one of just a few posts she’s made on her Instagram feed since June. She likely doesn’t want to deal with fans trolling her over her behavior. 

However, after her “apology tour” on Tamron Hall, Stassi is slowly dipping her toe back into social media. She posts mostly in the comment-free safe space of Instagram Stories. Over the weekend, Stassi shared that she got her hair highlighted for “the first time in 7 months.” 

Pregnant women and hair dye are a bad combination on social media. Stassi seems to know that, as she preemptively shut down any mom-shamers. 

Stassi to Would-Be Mom-Shamers: ‘Just Let Me Live’ 

Mom-shaming is a favorite pastime of internet trolls. Even though she doesn’t get many comments these days, Stassi is aware of trolls. Along with a photo of her newly highlighted hair, Stassi had a message for the trolls. She wrote, “Also before anyone mom shames me, doctor said it was 100% safe.”

Furthermore, she said she waited extra long, ANDDD I waited until the end of my second trimester.” She just wanted fans to “just let me live.”

Credit: Stassi Schroeder Instagram Stories
Credit: Stassi Schroeder Instagram Stories

Beau Clark Pays Tribute to Unborn Baby Girl on National Daughter’s Day 

On her photo, Stassi revealed that part of the reason she highlighted her hair was to feel attractive. She wrote, “Pregnant [people] need to feel hot too.” However, her fiance Beau Clark, clearly adores Stassi. 

He also absolutely adores his unborn daughter and can’t wait to be a “girl dad.” On September 25, he took to Instagram Stories to pay tribute to the baby on National Daughter’s Day. He posed with his beaming face next to Stassi’s ever-growing baby bump. 

Credit: Beau Clark Instagram Stories
Credit: Beau Clark Instagram Stories

While Stassi is getting some blowback from Tamron Hall, many fans long for a Stassi spin-off.. After Stassi’s interview on The Tamron Hall Show, unnamed sources said that Stassi felt “ambushed” during the interview. However, Tamon Hall spoke out and said that Stassi knew the types of questions she would ask.

Additionally, the talk show host revealed that Stassi’s team asked her not to bring up the former Pump Rules’ controversial statements about the #MeToo movement. A request that Tamron obliged, partly due to not wanting to cause a pregnant Stassi any stress. 

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