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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Worry About Janelle Brown & Bears

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Sister Wives fans know that Janelle Brown loves Flagstaff for the wilder nature of the place. In fact, she shared about studying indigenous plants and exploring with groups. But sometimes she walks quietly alone. So, fans worry about her. In fact, they think that she might underestimate the number of bears found around Flagstaff.

Sister Wives fans talk about bears with Janelle Brown

Janelle took to Instagram on Thursday and shared a beautiful photo. It showed open meadows and forest that stretched to the horizon. She talked about how Christine Brown currently visits New Jersey. And there, she enjoys the beach. Janelle said, that she, however, walks about the wild areas of Flagstaff. She wrote, “I’m walking off the beaten path here at home. It is quiet, I hear the wind in the trees and the occasional bird. I love this beautiful country we live in!”

A fan from New Zealand asked her if she ever comes across any bears. And, it seems that the Sister Wives star doesn’t really worry about them. Janelle answered, “I have seen what I thought was a track once in a more remote area but haven’t seen an actual bear. So I know they are around but maybe not as many closer to the towns.
But I’ve only lived in the area a couple of years so don’t really know for sure. Lots of elk, deer and coyotes though.”

Fans caution Janelle about potential encounters

Some fans who live in bear country gave Janelle some advice. One said, “Please carry an air horn for your safety. The weather must be perfect for a hike right now 🍂🍃🍁. Take lots of photos for us so we can share your adventures without all the walking 😉😊🤗 Safe Travels.” But one follower who actually lives in the Flagstaff area told Janelle a story that took her aback somewhat.

The Sister Wives fan wrote, “I’m out on the east side in Doney park between Townsend and silver saddle and we have been having bear sightings out here!” Janelle reacted with, “Oh wow! Good to know!” And, the same fan even said they sent Janelle photos as living proof of them being around. But, they don’t seem to know what type of bears they are.

Flagstaff bears

According to Trip Savvy, “The black bear (Ursus americanus) is the only bear species still found in Arizona. It is a small bear and lives in forest, woodland and chaparral habitats, as well as in desert riparian areas.” The outlet says the Arizona Game and Fish Department recommend walking in groups rather than alone. And, like the Sister Wives fan, they also recommend an air horn, as bears don’t like loud sounds.

What do you think about Janelle wandering round Flagstaff’s wilder areas? Did you know that bears occur in the area? Sound off in the comments below.

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