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Todd Chrisley Threatens To Shut Down His Instagram

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Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie host a podcast called Chrisley Confessions. They release a new episode of every Wednesday. And, each episode is roughly an hour long. Both last week and this week, the podcast has addressed the breakup of Nic Kerdiles and Savannah Chrisley. While it wasn’t his relationship, it WAS his daughter. And, he’s OVER the drama surrounding it.

Todd Chrisley is over Instagram drama, threatens to shut it down.

The reality TV dad has 2.2 million followers on Instagram. And, a pretty substantial amount of them are trolls. Todd Chrisley has never been afraid to clap back at trolls. But, some can’t help but wonder what makes him decide to respond to some trolls. But, not others. During his podcast last week, Todd took a few minutes to address the trolls. He wanted everyone to know something. He seems them. He claims that he sees all. He just decides when and who to respond to.

Todd continued to explain that sometimes he just doesn’t feel like the individual trolling on his account or trolling his family is worth the effort. He explained that a random Joe with three followers and a profile picture with their pets isn’t worth the effort.

Todd Chrisley continued to explain that “the truth lies within the family.” And, the world outside of his family only knows what he tells them. Both trolls and fans only know what they see on television or on social media. Unfortunately, some people choose to believe what they see posted in the headline of a tabloid. And, that is sometimes a twisted version of the truth. Moreover, it is sometimes not true at all.

He, however, admitted that tabloids would continue to write whatever they want. And, people should click and read whatever they wanted. But, you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

If the trolling doesn’t stop, he’s ready to shut Instagram down.

Now, it did sound like Todd Chrisley was a little frustrated with all of the backlash and trolling his family received. And, he sound especially protective of Savannah. He noted that if people didn’t back off and quit being so nasty he was going to shut it down. His Instagram account was a luxury for Chrisley Knows Best fans to enjoy. But, he would not hesitate to take it away if people didn’t stop being so cruel.

We have no idea how serious Todd Chrisley was about this threat. It could have just been an empty threat to try and scare people out of being so cruel on his profile. But, he sounded pretty serious about it when he said it. Still, shutting down an account with over 2 million followers seems a little difficult to wrap a person’s mind around. Moreover, shutting his account down wouldn’t really do much if the rest of his family remains active.

So, do you think Todd Chrisley would shut down his Instagram?


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