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Todd Chrisley Admits He’s Feeling His ‘Old Age,’ Wants Comfort

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Todd Chrisley appeared to be feeling his age on Instagram yesterday. And, this was something his followers found surprising. Todd Chrisley is NOT a man who likes to admit to his aging. He even had a selfie go viral recently with fans gushing about how young he looks. But, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s 51-years-old.

Todd Chrisley wants comfortable fashion in his old age.

Yesterday, Todd Chrisley seemed to own the fact that he was 51-years-old. But, he doesn’t think getting old means he should have to give up being fabulous. In fact, he’s feeling just as fashionable and trendy as ever. He just has to embrace a different kind of fashion as he ages. And, what kind of fashion is that? Well, he just needs something that is both flattering and comfortable.

“In my old age…I want comfort and this brand gives comfort and fashion!” Todd penned in a caption of a post that was promoting a clothing brand called LEORÊVER. Now, if you’ve never heard of the brand before it is described as a luxury athletics wear and lifestyle collection for men. And, it definitely looks great on Todd’s body! You certainly can’t tell by a quick look at this photo that this is a man who is 51-years-old.

This post is an example of why shutting down Instagram is unlikely.

Now, as we previously reported, Todd Chrisley threatened to shut down his Instagram. Turns out, he’s also feeling a bit done with trolls these days. Moreover, he really wants everyone to leave Savannah and Nic Kerdiles alone. He wants fans to stop asking why they broke up. And, he wants them to stop proposing theories on why they broke up. During his Chrisley Confessions podcast, he threatened to shut down his Instagram account if things didn’t change.

But Instagram posts like the one promoting this clothing line are a reason some find that to be more of an empty threat. One of the perks to having 2.2 million Instagram followers is being an influencer. Todd can partner with companies such as the clothing company he is promoting. These companies give him free products. And, they pay him to promote them on Instagram.

So, deleting his Instagram is probably an action that would cause him to lose income. It is significantly more likely that he would turn his comments off as opposed to shutting down Instagram completely.

So, do you think Todd is looking trendy and cozy in his latest Instagram post? Sound off and let us know!


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