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Joy Duggar Says Her ‘Heart Is Breaking’

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On Thursday, Joy Duggar Forsyth shared a new video. The Counting On star titled it, “my heart is breaking.” The title doesn’t reveal why Joy feels this way though. It’s very cryptic. To make things worse, the thumbnail for the video is of Joy’s daughter Evelyn Mae in the hospital.

As fans of the family know, Joy and Austin Forsyth just had their baby girl in August. Prior to having Evelyn, Joy and Austin lost a baby at 20 weeks gestation. This might have contributed to some of their concerns.

So far, fans have only had good news about the family’s newest addition. Naturally, the title sparked some questions from her fans before they watched it. In the comments section of the YouTube video, fans are voicing their concerns. One fan writes, “Oh man the title is scaring me! Hope everything is ok.” Another writes, “Good Lord, that title scared me to death!!” Plenty of similar concerns followed.

Why is Joy Duggar’s heart breaking?

Despite the cryptic title, Joy gives fans all the answers they need in the video. In the description of the video, Joy writes, “Poor baby’s Bilirubin (yes I kept saying ‘bellyrubin’ in the videos!🤦🏼‍♀️) levels are high, so we may have to stay longer to see if they will come down. My heart is breaking because I know all she wants it to be held, but she has to sit under the light until her levels come down!!!”

As it turns out, the clips included in the video are from when Joy had just given birth to her daughter. Currently, the family is safe at home, and everyone is doing well.

Joy also talks about finally deciding on a name for her baby. When Joy was pregnant, she revealed that they wouldn’t be naming their daughter prior to her birth. So, they had to finalize their decision in the hospital.

Once Duggar fans learned what the video was all about, they sent Joy words of encouragement and wished her the best. They’re glad that the whole family is doing well now. They are also sympathizing with her because they know how hard it is to deal with any health issues with their children. Some of them are sharing their own personal experiences with the same situation.

So, were you concerned about Joy’s YouTube video title? Did you think it was more serious than it actually was? Leave a comment below.

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