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Jessa Seewald Explains Nursery Setup After Backlash

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Jessa Seewald recently renovated a church nursery. The Counting On star documented her process in a YouTube video. She shows the before and after as well. Jessa had some help from her family. Family friend Laura DeMasie also pitched in. While some Duggar fans are impressed with the renovation, some fans think that she could have done better.

Jessa explains, “I love interior design, and this church nursery project was so fun. There’s just something refreshing about seeing see a room revitalized.”

Then, she reveals the changes she made, saying, “We gave the space a new coat of paint, but also found a creative way to preserve the original artwork (which was painted by a church member). I love this mix of old and new. After adding few modern furniture pieces, plants and simple decor, this space really came to life.

Jessa also cleaned out the cabinets and reorganized the space so it’s cleaner. Plus, it’s easy to find everything now.

Jessa and several of her siblings are very crafty and handy. They are always working on different projects. Some fans even want Jana Duggar to get her own show on HGTV. It’s safe to say that Jessa Seewald and her siblings are talented.

Duggar fans comment on nursery design

After watching the video of Jessa redoing the church nursery, fans of the show are sharing their opinions. A handful of them are loving the renovation and enjoy seeing the process, some aren’t too happy with it. For the church nursery, Jessa went with a minimalist style. It’s a little simpler than it was before she got to work.

One of her followers said that kids need more toys and that they don’t care how pretty the space looks. Others say that they thought the nursery would look less boring.

Jessa Seewald explains design process

After getting so many negative comments, Jessa responded and explained why she designed the nursery how she did.

To one Counting On fan who was questioning the choice of white walls, Jessa writes, “I happen to love white walls in nurseries! If you check out Pinterest there are lots of examples. May be more of a minimalist thing. 😊” She also added that she just happens to like white walls.

So, what do you think of the new nursery setup? Do you think it’s boring, or do you love the new look? Share your thoughts below.

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