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Why Are the ‘Big Brother’ Live Feeds Down? Fans Aren’t Happy

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Fans of Big Brother 22 are trying to figure out why the live feeds are down. It turns out that they have been down for over 12 hours and fans are not happy. So why are the Big Brother live feeds off?

Big Brother live feeds are down

So far, CBS hasn’t addressed why the Big Brother live feeds are downThe fans are very upset and asking them all over social media, but no answer. As you can see below, people want answers.

Here at TV Shows Ace we don’t know for sure why the live feeds are down, but we do have a few ideas. There is a new episode of Big Brother 22 tonight. They could have started the competition early. There is also talk about the new neighbor that is supposed to be moving in. If this already happened, they don’t want the fans to see it just yet. They would want it to be on a show that they see what is going on.

What fans have to say

The fans are not happy that the Big Brother live feeds are down. They are going to social media to express their thoughts and not holding back. Here is what some had to say on Twitter.

  • I was taught you get more flies with sugar, so here goes…….Hello kind people at CBS. We love you lots. You are the best! Any idea why the live feeds are down and if there is an estimate as to when they will be back up? Thank you bunches.
  • Hey CBS All Access, what gives with the Big Brother Live Feeds? They’ve been down for 14 hours. We want our feeds back – that’s what we pay you for! #cbsallaccess #cbs #bigbrother
  • False advertising- Big Brother live feeds down for 15 hours+ — nobody should be paying for this.
  • Why are the feeds down? Especially for this long? Normally you would put a banner across the live screen telling us when they are down for extended time and when they will be back. Shame on you CBS All Access for ripping us off. Guess I am stupid to pay for this crap!

This season Big Brother has left the feeds off during HOH competitions as well. That is not normal and has upset a lot of fans. They normally get to see who wins before they hear the contestants talking about it.

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