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What Big Event Did Garrett Magee Pull Off In The Finale Of ‘Backyard Envy?”

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A lot went down on the finale of Backyard Envy on Bravo which aired September 22nd. The trio of Garrett Magee, James DeSantis, and Melissa Brasier headed to Fire Island. All of them mentioned that the terrain was a little tricky, but the views made it all worth it. Garrett said, “Fire Island is like our second home I feel like. It’s where we go to vacation. It’s where a lot of our friends have houses.” He said they’ve done a couple projects there, but now to do it on the show really excited them.

He also said, “We also pull a lot of our inspiration from Fire Island, as far as the type of pine and the grasses we put into a lot of our landscaping in the city.”

Garrett Magee Took Inspiration From His Favorite Show To Propose

Garrett Magee stole the show with a proposal to his long-time boyfriend, Andrew, per Hollywood Life. He said they met at Fire Island, so it was a perfect place. Mel Brasier had expressed concern in a previous episode, because she said Andrew did not like surprises. He said he took inspiration from one of their favorite shows, The Bachelor. Garrett said, “I was very, very, very nervous to do it, especially on the TV show.” He said while Andrew was shocked, he said yes.”

The cast remains super close. Melissa Brasier posted on her Instagram a couple months earlier, “love working with my best friends.” It’s still the case as they wrap up Season 2, despite the tension that came from James wanting to venture out a little. James said, “It’s funny arguing about it a year later because we’re just at a different place. I think it’s coming across worse than it actually is or actually was at the time.”

Big Changes Are Happening For The Cast

James had a sappy post on his Instagram featuring a picture of the three of them. DeSantis said the picture was before COVID and before filming Season two. He opened his own office in LA. He said, “With the help of my partners, who have always let me be me, and help me run this business the way I’ve always seen fit. I know we’ve continued to make the right decisions together.”

He said he knew he was unhappy and that made Season 2 hard for him to watch. Fans had criticized him saying all he did was complain when he went to their sites. He’s now in a happier place and the business has expanded into Miami, LA, and San Francisco. With these moves and Garrett getting engaged, the cast is moving on to better and bigger things. Their fans couldn’t be happier for them and hope the show will be renewed for a third season.


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