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‘LPBW’: Tori Roloff Shared That Someone Special Came Back Into Her Life

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LPBW fans heard from Tori recently as she updated the milestones of her baby girl, Lilah. But now, in a new update, she seems very excited. She shared that someone very special moved back into her life and she “can’t wait for the kids to get to know her.”

LPBW star Tori Roloff very excited about her special reunion

On Tuesday, the Little People, Big World fan-favorite shared some happy news. She said that she can’t wait for the kids to get to know her grandma. She shared a photo of Jackson, Lilah, herself, and her grandma. The TLC star captioned it with, “This lady is officially an Oregonian!! This summer my grandma moved here after selling her house in Huntington Beach California that she’s lived in for 51 years!!”

The LPBW star said that her “marmee” living in Oregon is “truly a gift from God.” Then, Tori added that she feels “selfishly so excited.” Plus, she noted that she and grandma get to”know each other better.” And, of course, the kids also become way more familiar with her. “Love you Marmee! Let the adventure (and unpacking) begin!! 💛,” she said. As one fan pointed out, “So happy for you! ❤️ She’s already fitting into Oregonian lifestyle with her socks and sandals! 😂😘.”

Little People, Big World fans welcome Marmee in Oregon

Fans who live in Oregon thought that Marmee fits in well. And, they noted that the lifestyle seems laid back. Then, one fan said, “So very happy for you because this bond and relationship is truly so meaningful!” Plus, another fan wrote, “Welcome Marmee! 🎉You’ll have so many new adventures, I can tell with Great Grandma here! How exciting and you’re all so very blessed. ✨.” Next, a kind fan commented, “Wonderful she’s close now, for you and your babies, and for her as well!! Much love to your marmee hope she [unpacks] and settles quickly and easily!!💜.”

Perhaps, fans of LPBW see Marmee in future episodes of the show. But, one thing fans know for sure, Tori loves sharing about her family. So possibly, they see much more of Marmee as she settles in. Interestingly, several fans noted Marmee shares a strong likeness to the actress “Miriam Margalese.” Maybe, that’s why some fans felt that her face looked very familiar. Mind you, one fan knew Marmee because they attended the same church in Huntington Beach.

Fans of LPBW know that grandma Peggy sometimes features on the show. But, she raised her son Matt Roloff. So, Marmee and Peggy share no blood relationship. Marmee comes from Tori’s side of the family. Fans agree that grandmas bring something very special. And, kids often adore great-grandmas. So, many of them also sound delighted for Tori about the news!

Little People, Big World returns to TLC on September 29.

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