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‘RHONJ’: Milania Giudice Starts Her First Day Of High School

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RHONJ star Teresa Giudice took to Instagram on Monday and announced that Milania starts high school. She looked stunning in her photo. But, some followers feel Milania looks way older than 15. If you didn’t know it, you might think she starts college.

RHONJ – Milania goes to high school

We reported that on her birthday this year, Joe Giudice made an error on his birthday greeting for Milania. Teresa looked at the photos he shared and “discovered that Joe put a pic of the wrong kid.” We noted that she said, “Hi honey the second photo is Gia LOL 😂.” But Joe denied he made the mistake by error and came up with an explanation.” Plus, he spelled her name with two “l’s.” But, Joe was away in Cuba at the time and missed his daughter’s birthday back home.

Sadly, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star also misses Milania going to high school. As fans of Bravo know, he got departed to Italy. And, in the next season of RHONJ, apparently, Teresa starts dating again. Clearly, Joe misses his family very much. And, that’s reciprocated by Milania. The Hollywood Gossip reported that recently, Milania shared a photo of herself with Joe and captioned it with “I miss you.”

Fans comment that Milania looks mature and beautiful

In the comments section of Teresa Giudice’s post about Milania starting high school, lots of fans commented. Some of them noticed that she looks very mature for her age. And, very beautiful. One fan said, “I did not look like this when I was a freshman 😭 😭.” Another Real Housewives of New Jersey fan wrote, ” So pretty but looks 25!” Then someone posted, “Wow! She’s a beauty! Lock the door!!”

One RHONJ fan added to the conversation with, “I want to cry… little Melania in high school😢.” Meanwhile, on his Instagram, Joe didn’t mention school and Milania on Monday. But he did share a photo of his other daughter, Audriana. As one fan noted, “These girls…too darn pretty.” And, one fan commented, “Beautiful young lady. My heart hurts for you. I’m sure it kills you. 😢 How do you cope with that?” They also called Joe a “pillar of strength.”

Joe returns to the USA?

Page Six reported this month, that Joe and Teresa finalized their divorce. Now, the outlet said that Joe can appeal the deportation decision again. His rep told the outlet that he currently discuss all the options. But, if the RHONJ star ever gets back to the USA, he won’t stay in the old house as Teresa put it up for sale.

Sadly, for now, Joe can only watch Milania’s milestone move into high school from afar.

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