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‘Love Island’ UK: Shaughna Needed Leg Liposuction Because Of Medical Diagnosis

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Shaughna Phillips of Love Island fame recently spoke about why she had to have a medical procedure done on her legs. She spoke to Cosmopolitan UK on Tuesday, saying she underwent liposuction on her legs this summer. However, this procedure wasn’t entirely cosmetic. This particular operation was apparently medically neccesary.

Shaughna announced she has lipoedema.

Fans wondered what was up when the reality show contestant posted a photo of her legs in bandages and her hospital room. She added a caption with the words “surgery swag, I’m so high BTW.” She was high enough that she eventually took that post down. This week the Love Island star confirmed what that was all about.

“I have had liposuction on my lower legs, so my calves, because I was recently diagnosed with lipoedema, once I’d come out of the villa,” she said. “I’ve kind of always had an insecurity about my legs, but there were so many questions about if I’d ever been diagnosed with lipoedema [after coming out of Love Island], and I didn’t even know what it was.”

She added she did quite a bit of research. She also saw several doctors. Eventually, the diagnosis came.

Shaughna said she had the procedure last Wednesday. She also said she’s already recovering. She spoke of finally feeling normal. The blonde beauty talked about finally putting on makeup and going about her day.

The Love Island star added her recovery isn’t an instantaneous thing. She will have to wear compression bandages for the foreseeable future. There are other things she has to do to get better. “So far so good,” she said.

Dealing with the disease

Lipoedema can cause swelling in the arms, legs or butt. It usually doesn’t effect the hands or feet. The effect causes a “bracelet” effect or “band-like” appearance just above the ankles and wrists. Once someone like Shaughna develops the condition, it will likely only get worse on its own.

Treatments include losing weight, liposuction and pressure garments.

Speaking out about the condition

The Love Island star’s life was apparently never in danger, and Shaughna never claimed otherwise. Still, she sat for the interview in order to draw attention to a condition that some might try to ignore.

Lipoedemia can be quite unpleasant, and even painful in extreme cases. The skin affected can become quite doughy and circulation becomes and issue.

By taking to social media and then speaking to the media about what she went through, she was hoping any of her fans or followers that might have it, will seek treatment rather than trying to wish it away.

While she did talk about what she’s been going through lately, there was one detail Shaughna didn’t share. That’s whether or not she plans to return to Love Island or reality television in general, anytime soon.

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