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‘Love Island’ UK Star Wes Nelson Went From Nuclear Engineer To Uber-Popular Recording Artist

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Love Island star Wes Nelson took a long and winding road to his current career. Peter Ormerod of the Edinburgh Evening News reported Nelson quickly became one of the most popular residents of Love Island when he joined in 2018. He’s now got more 1.6 million followers on Instagram and another 420,000 on TikTok.

Reality TV introduced Nelson to the public. Music is what’s keeping him in the spotlight. The Love Island celebrity reportedly turned down hundreds and thousands of dollars in prospective spokesperson money.  However, Ormerod said it looks as though Nelson made the right call.

His music career is just taking off but he’s already got some famous followers. His debut single, “See Nobody” released earlier this week and Idris Elba has already gone on the record as someone who is a fan of the Love Island star.

“I’ve done a lot in 22 years,” the former Muay Thai champion and nuclear system design engineer said. “Music is the only thing that’s really resonated – this is the one thing I really want to do. It’s not a passion project or a whim. I’m in this for the long haul.”

‘See Nobody’ jumpstart’s Nelson’s next career

Nelson wrote “See Nobody” at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. He split from his girlfriend and decided to let his music express his feelings.

He set up a makeship studio in a buddy’s spare bedroom. Nelson then taught himself how to use music recording and production software.

While he wrote and recorded several songs, “See Nobody” is the Love Island star’s favorite. Nelson said it took just two hours to record, produce and finish.

The experience has him excited about the future of his new chosen career.

“It’s about committing to your ambitions and going clear, making your way through the hustle and bustle and coming out on top,” Nelson said. “I’ve left everything behind to make music and I’m happy to do that.”

Love Island role didn’t hold him back

Early success wasn’t guaranteed. Indeed, Nelson knew there would be skepticism. He expected the stigma. However, the skepticism didn’t stop him. As a matter of fact, it fueled him.

He told the paper he wants his music to do the talking. The reality tv star wants people to see what he has to offer. He thinks they’ll realize he has talent. That he’s not just a pretty face and body.

Nelson said he expects that as long as he’s making good music, the positive perceptions follow.

The actor has confidence in his final product. However, he was still blown away by some of the celebrities who reached out and offered their support. In particular, Elba’s comments struck home. The Love Island veteran seemed most impressed that the celeb had the time to reach out and take the time to send positivity his way.

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