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‘Love Island’ UK Star Chris Hughes Saved Brother’s Life With Revealing Interview

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Love Island‘s Chris Hughes didn’t know he would save a life when he gave a rather … revealing interview in 2018. iNews reports that the appearance may have saved his brother’s life.

During that 2018 appearance on ITV‘s This Morning, he stood on set, showing everyone how a medical exam for testicular cancer can go. A doctor carefully prodded the area. He held Hughes’ private parts in one gloved hand. He looked for lumps or any irregularity.

The Love Island star noticeably gritted his teeth during the presentation. However, he now claims he was fine with everything.

On Love Island, I’d had my top off on TV for seven weeks, so I’m not shy any more [about public displays of nudity],” Hughes claimed. “Also, because I’ve had testicular issues for years, I’m not shy about health stuff either. Doesn’t faze me.”

Problems for Chris Hughes date back to teen years

The television heartthrob told the site his problems date back to his school years. He discovered an enlargement of the veins in his scrotum. The condition usually leads to infertility.

Hughes had four procedures to fix the issue. He said while some were inobtrusive, there was one that left him unable to walk for a week. He has a scar on his left hip as a souvenir of another one.

Now things are normal for him, but he still understands the importance of health in that area. It’s one men aren’t usually comfortable talking about.

Love Island star’s interview garners millions of views

Hughes’ testicular exam on This Morning got more than 35 million views on social media. That many sets of eyeballs consequently started a national conversation about men’s health.

One of the people who caught the exam was the actor’s brother, Ben. The elder Hughes never gave himself an examination because of the stereotypes surrounding that kind of issue. As Chris went through his demonstration, Ben gave himself a checkup and found a lump.

Doctors later confirmed that the lump was cancerous, and he had to have a testicle removed. He’s now cancer-free, though the removal did leave him with low sperm count problems. However, he still understands things could have been worse if it had gone unchecked. Ben understands Chris’ demonstration likely saved his life.

The pair discuss how that day unfolded and other delicate topics in a new documentary set for television later this year.

In the documentary, the Love Island contestant and his brother discuss everything sitting around the kitchen table. There’s very little kept under wraps. That in itself is a change from how you expect a reality television star to behave around his family. Especially someone considered the very definition of an “alpha male.”

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