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‘Ratched’: Everything To Know About Netflix’s Newest Horror Series

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Ryan Murphy isn’t just writing horror scripts about ghosts and ghouls anymore. His latest creation, Ratched aired on Netflix on Friday, September 18, and brought a star-studded cast along with it.

If you’re still trying to decide whether or not to check it out, don’t worry! We’ve got all the information you need to know to help make your decision.

American Horror Story fans shouldn’t expect too many reunions in Ratched

Murphy has built a reputation for having “favorites” among the acting community. However, while Sarah Paulsen stars as Nurse Ratched and Finn Wittrock plays a central character, that’s about it for AHS fans. Anyone who thought tons of cameos from Murphy’s beloved horror anthology was incoming, might be disappointed.

Indeed, it’s possible Murphy wanted to make sure Ratched stands alone. Despite a dearth of American Horror Story alums, plenty of big names popped up.

Sharon Stone, Judy Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Vincent D’Onofrio, Amanda Plummer, and many more appear throughout the series.

Ratched‘s Plot

While you don’t need to have seen or read One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest to understand Ratched, it helps. This Netflix original serves as an origin story.

Paulsen plays a much younger version of the sadistic nurse from the previous title. In that movie, which famously starred Jack Nicholson in one of his best ever roles, we don’t know why she is the way she is.

Conversely, this series looks to show exactly why she became the uber-villain cinephiles love to hate.

Because she is entirely a fictional character, Murphy was able to let his imagination run wild. It should surprise no one that it ran to some very dark places.

Those places include a peek into the life of a woman who spent the beginning of her career pretending she was someone else entirely. Those who have watched enough of Murphy’s previous work are going to recognize his writing style and storytelling methods early on.

Paulsen almost didn’t get picked

While Ratched fans might have a hard time envisioning anyone else stepping into the shoes first worn by Louise Fletcher, the actor wasn’t Murphy’s first choice. The actor told Us Weekly her agent brought up the issue, asking if Murphy had called her.

When she said he hadn’t the pair got on the phone and he explained he didn’t think she’d want to do it. That doubt centered around how much fun she had playing different characters on AHS. She told him he “should have asked,” and the rest is history.

Season 2 on the way?

Season 1 ends with a cliffhanger and doesn’t conclude where the film picks up. Netflix ordered a two-season, 18 episode pickup though that doesn’t guarantee a continuation. The open-ended finale hints Murphy and company would like to see more of Nurse Ratched.

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