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Mama June Shannon Flies Out Of LA, Talks About Wearing Masks


Mama June Shannon and her boyfriend Geno Doak recently went off to LA where she planned some makeovers for both of them. For June, it’s the third time, but for Geno, it’s a first. Now, they flew out of LA back to Florida, and June talked about wearing masks at the airport.

Mama June and Geno’s makeover before flying out of LA

June spruces up with tucks, liposuction, new teeth, new hairdos, and more. Meanwhile, Geno goes for a gastric sleeve and new gnashers. The reported that they visited Beverly Hills for their various procedures. Well, you can’t really blame them, as they both looked rather wrecked at the end of the last season of Not To Hot. In Family Crisis, fans heard that they blew a lot of money on their drug habit.

But, fans also heard that both Mama June and Geno went into rehab. Nowadays, they stay in Florida where her friend Adam Barta helped her get herself back together again. And, now they both celebrate more than seven months of sobriety. So, fans like to see that June works hard to bring back the old glam they became accustomed to. Now, they flew back to Florida and June talked about wearing masks.

Masks and flying on airplanes

June took her Instagram Stories on Saturday, September 19. She shared a short clip that revealed both she and Geno wore their masks. Filming in the departure lounge, she captioned her post with, “much as I hate wearing mask, daily people or getting kicked off flights [sic].” Then, she added, “Goodbye LA. Hello Florida.” In her video clip, June panned across those people not wearing masks and said, “come on!”

Mama June talked about how people hate wearing masks. But, she thinks getting kicked off the flight really isn’t worth the boycott. Certainly, the post reveals that June finds her sense of responsibility again. After all, she lost it at the height of her addiction when she became estranged from her daughters. But, that’s apparently not uncommon with meth addicts.

Mama June Shannon talks about masks on flights
Mama June Shannon flies out of LA | Instagram Stories

Fans chat on June’s Instagram

Fans who feel encouraged by June working hard on getting herself back together chat with her on her Instagram. Or, they talk amongst themselves about her progress. Geno’s very quiet on Instagram and his last post came in late July. He talked about eating fried pork chops despite trying to lose weight.

However, Mama June is rather more active. There, WEtv fans encourage her and congratulate her for her sobriety achievements. One fan said, “We love and support u. fans in Michigan.” Another one commented, “We LOVE AND MISS YOU @mamajune are you doing a year program? Im in florida too. Praying for you lady!!”

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