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Jane Fonda Is Quite Impressed With Kim Kardashian West’s Derriere

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Count Jane Fonda among those who are quite impressed with Kim Kardashian West‘s booty. Speaking with Andy Cohen on Thursday’s Watch What Happens Live, Fonda detailed a meeting between the two where the actor got a good long look at the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s derriere.

Fonda was playing a round of “Have!  You! Met Them?!” with Cohen when she told the tale. Fonda said she’s talked to Kardashian West multiple times. The pair used to go to the same salon in Hollywood.

She added that the reality star is very down to earth and comparable to anyone else someone chats up.

“We would chat from her seat to my seat,” said Fonda of their conversations at the nail salon. “She’s very friendly, just one of the gals.”

She added she’s fun to chat with as well. But it was Fonda’s tale of their first encounter that grabbed Cohen’s attention.

Jane Fonda and Kardashian West’s hourglass figure

Fonda said she was at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party. She added she was kneeling on the floor talking to Gladys Knight, because Georgia is her second home and Gladys lives in Georgia.

However, when Fonda got up, there was “a shape” directly in front of her. The actor then outlined Kardashian West’s hourglass figure with her hands. “It went in like this, and then it went out like this,” she said.

“I thought, ‘That is the most amazing behind I have ever seen.’ And, of course, it was Kim Kardashian, and so I told her, I said, ‘I’ve just been staring at your behind, it’s beautiful.” Fonda added the reality star was “very sweet” about the encounter.

Fonda certainly wasn’t the first to notice Kardashian West’s figure. Benajmin Van Hoose of People wrote that Kim credited her vegan diet back in 2019.

The reality star’s close friend, Anastasia Soare, got the details in an Instagram story.

Soare pointed the camera directly at Kardashian West’s midsection and exclaimed, “This waist!” She added that while she’s known Kardashian West for many years, she had never seen her body look like this. “Did you remove your ribs?”

Kim responded she thinks her diet helped. She then examined herself in a nearby mirror, before admitting her waist looked small.

Meeting the First Lady

While Fonda said she hadn’t met most of the other names brought up in the segment, she did have a short story about an encounter with Melania Trump. She said she met the First Lady at the White House during an event in 2015 when Barack Obama was president.

Melania and Donald Trump had a table right next to Fonda, who was a guest of CNN Anchor, Wolf Blitzer. The actor said as they were leaving, Melania grabbed her arm and told Fonda she looked quite beautiful.

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