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Fans Create Petition To Remove Teddi Mellencamp From ‘RHOBH’

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Teddi Mellencamp is under scrutiny for many reasons lately. First, fans didn’t like the way she handled Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards’s drama on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Now, she’s come under fire for her dangerous fitness and diet regimen. Fans continue to call for her removal from the show.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding Teddi lately. Fans slammed her during Season 10. It was so bad that she asked her Instagram followers to stop sending her death threats. And then former clients of her All In By Teddi program claimed it promotes disordered eating, starvation, and bullying.

Why do RHOBH fans want her off the show?

A fan named Tommy Yates created a petition on Change.org. The online petition simple states: “Remove Teddi Mellencamp from RHOBH.” He claims that not only is Teddi “boring,” but she’s also a “dangerous human being.” However, Tommy doesn’t address the controversy surrounding Teddi’s business.

Instead, he’s passionately explains Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Tommy goes on to call Teddi a “mean girl” who “stuck her nose” into Denise’s business. He also says that Teddi has only become famous because of her father, John Mellecamp, and for attacking other women.

Tommy is hoping that his petition will reach 1,000 signatures. As of Friday, September 18, there are over 800 signatures.

What’s going on with Teddi’s business?

Teddi Mellencamp always talked about her business on the show. But more has come out about it in recent days and it’s not looking good. It all started when Emily Gellis took to her Instagram page to share former clients who had a bad experience with the All In program.

According to Emily, clients must sign a NDA to be a part of the program. Most of them reveal that they have to follow a strict 500-calorie diet and undergo several hours of cardio. Other criticism comes from the fact that there are no doctors or nutritionists to monitor the clients during the process. Also, the coaches that Teddi chooses are not professionally certified.

Some clients complained about not receiving a refund after being kicked out of the program. The program claims to have a “zero tolerance policy” when it comes to cheating. Some even claimed that their coaches bullied them. Most shared screenshots of their text message interaction with their accountability coaches.

Teddi Mellencamp responds to the backlash

The RHOBH co-star is emotional over the controversy. On the latest episode of her podcast, Teddi Tea Pod with Teddi Mellencamp, the 39-year-old slammed the criticism over her business. Teddi defended her business and claims that it’s done great things for her business.

At first, Teddi was unsure about addressing the criticism. While she finds the criticism “aggressive,” she will use as it as a “learning” tool to “talk about what’s going on.” She also revealed that most of the criticism has made her emotional. Throughout the podcast episode, she continued to defend many of the criticisms, many of which, she says are false.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Bravo should fire Teddi? Sound off below in the comments section.

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