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Adam & Danielle Busby As Passionate As Ever, See Adorable Flirty Video

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Despite all of the years together and all of the children, Danielle and Adam Busby are still as passionate as ever. In fact, Adam Busby put his passion on display in an adorable flirty video featuring his “hottie” wife on his Instagram Stories. The video clip was less than 20 seconds long. But, it was clearly the voice over of a man who was still very much in love with his wife.

Adam Busby creeps up on his ‘hottie’ wife.

The OutDaughtered dad shared what almost felt like a stalker/creeper style video on his Instagram Stories recently. He was driving toward his home. His wife Danielle Busby appeared to be out for a run. He drove closer and zoomed in. His followers could not see him. But, they could hear his voice urging them to check out the “hottie” up ahead.

As he pulled up near his wife, he clearly caught her off guard. She was drenched in sweat. She had just been for a run. And, her rocking “mom bod” looked incredible in her snug workout clothing.

After she turned around, Adam proceeded to complement his wife. Calling Danielle Busby “gorgeous.”

Danielle, still a little off guard, laughs. She admits she’s relieved she turned around. And, relieved by his timing. She was soaked in sweat. Hot. And, she was moments away from peeling her drenched shirt off.

Adam admiring his wife 💕😇

Posted by Outdaughtered Fans on Friday, September 18, 2020

Now, fans could hear a combination of disappointment and excitement in Adam Busby’s voice. “Heck, yeah,” he cheered shortly before the video ended. Clearly, Adam Busby wouldn’t have minded if his wife Danielle had pulled off her shirt. He, however, likely would not have uploaded THAT video to Instagram.

The OutDaughtered couple are just as passionate as ever.

We know Adam and Danielle Busby got married in April of 2006. And, their social media content reveals they are just as passionate as ever. It was just recently that Adam took to Instagram to dote on his beautiful wife. And, gush about how lucky he was to have her. Now, those who know the story of how these two started dating… Well, they know that is very true.

Adam Busby actually met Danielle while working at the same store together. Initially, he stood her up on their first date. And, their second? Well, they ended up having a super awkward date with her meeting his entire family!

#DateNight #KidFree

Posted by Outdaughtered Fans on Friday, August 21, 2020

In time, the rocky start, transformed into a beautiful relationship. And, fans certainly love this passionate duo.

What do you think of the adorable flirty passionate video featuring Adam Busby admiring his wife Danielle? Sound off in the comments down below!


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