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‘Shameless’ Season 11 Production Is Finally Happening & Fans Are Thrilled

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Shameless Season 11 production is finally underway. And, fans of the Showtime series couldn’t be more excited!

Shameless Season 11 production is emotional for fans and cast.

The production of Shameless Season 11 is sure to be an emotional one. As those who follow the Showtime series know, this is the final season of the series. And, this was pretty hard news for both the cast and the fans to swallow. Several members of the cast were very young when the series pilot aired.

So, fans got to watch several members of the cast grow and become adults before their very eyes. And, the cast? Well, they became family. Fans can tell by their activity on social media that the cast of Shameless is very close. And, they suspect they will remain that way even after the series comes to a close.

What can we expect from the series finale?

Unfortunately, we don’t really know too much about the series finale. We just hope the writers, production team, and cast will do the Gallagher family justice as we say our final goodbyes.

Now, we do know Ian and Mickey got married during Season 10. And, we know that Lip and Tami had a baby. We even know that Debbie may end up in jail for sleeping with her girlfriend’s underage daughter.

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Now, what do fans want from the end of Shameless?

Fans want a happy ending for Gallavich. The one thing they absolutely do not want is anything bad to happen to Ian or Mickey. Some fans are a little curious as to whether the pandemic will be worked into the final season of Shameless.

Mostly because they are curious to see how the Gallagher family (and especially Frank) handles a pandemic. Considering Season 11 was supposed to start production months ago, it is safe to assume most of the the finale was already written. So, unless some of Season 11 was written during the pandemic, it probably won’t have a place in the series finale.

Shameless fans would also like to see some old cast members return. This is especially true of Emmy Rossum (who played Fiona Gallagher). Fans would also love to see Sheila Jackson, Mandy Milkovich, and Svetlana one more time as well.

Fortunately, the cast of Shameless has dropped a lot of Season 11 teasers on Instagram. But, we still have no idea when to expect Showtime to reveal a premiere date for the new season.

So, are you excited for Season 11 of Shameless? Are you sad to know the series is coming to an end?

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