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‘Married at First Sight’: Peace-Out, K-P Duty, One Panicked Husband

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The New Orleans unions matched on Married at First Sight for Season 11 are truly starting to act like married couples. In the most mundane and the romantic ways.  The walls are back up for one couple who was inching toward closeness.  Two couples have gone beyond consummating their vows and one Married at First Sight hubby still only has time for his camera-ready shots.

In the September 16 episode, “Dealbreakers,” the partners get down to negotiations, and even when discussions get tough, at least most want to stay in the deal.

Bennett and Amelia get down to dirty business on ‘Married up First Sight’

Some of the sweetest scenes in this Married at First Sight ride had Bennett and Amelia holding hands as they went on a bike ride. In preview scenes, Bennett already confided the news that delighted fans. Assuring that he and his bride were “very tender” with each other and had consummated their wedding vows.

What the couple was not so anxious to do was to clean their apartment.  The pair stalled their plan to implement a “chore draft” last week, starting with the bathroom.  This week, however, “tidy” Bennett was on top of things.  The chivalrous groom even took the bathroom off the list. Meanwhile Amelia opted for “difficult phone calls” and “the mail.” He did mention that his wife might need to pay attention to cleaning the outside of “grimy” glasses, as well as the inside.

Who’s pulling the K-P shift?

When pressed by her husband as they swayed on a swing, however, Amelia couldn’t think of a single detraction or bothersome habit in her husband.  She called picking his nose “charming” and had no problem with how he forgets to use deodorant.  Their K-P (kitchen-potty) plan was adopted well. But what Amelia truly hoped was that Bennett would oblige with all the household chores since she was the willing wage earner.  Could this be a signal that Bennett may be balking a bit from being the homebound Married at First Sight spouse? The weeks ahead will tell.

This cutesy couple does cozy romance better than any. Bennett returned the gesture of Amelia’s loving care during his illness with a home-cooked meal of tofu with peanut sauce. Plus a serenade to boot from his friends, Joanna and Rachel, as TV Shows Ace reported.  The romantic interlude on Married at First Sight made the hair on Amelia’s arms “stand up.” No wonder she chose “entertaining unexpected callers” as one of her household duties.

Miles is at a breaking point

Karen and Miles joined Amelia and Bennett for a game of bocce ball in the park.  Bennett proposes the idea that the winner gets a kiss wherever he or she wanted on the body.  Karen was still standoffish but did oblige. She even gave a kiss on the lips.  Newsweek detailed the dilemma Miles faces with his wife.

Woody is very concerned that all the “give” from the groom in this relationship is going to leave his best friend empty and dejected.   Karen didn’t come home after the “certain date on the calendar” incident. Miles was in tears and frantic.  She related in a private interview that she didn’t know “if we can get past this.”

The bride declared that Miles had made her feel “unsafe” and “crossed a boundary” with his behavior. However, this is only expected behavior in a young marriage, even under Married at First Sight circumstances.  As expected, Miles promised to do whatever it took to earn his wife’s trust again.

During a yoga date, Karen behaved as though touching her husband’s feet was the height of Married at First Sight intimacy.  Time is running out, and this match has miles to go before embracing real marriage.

Woody means forever with his ‘Married at First Sight’ commitment

On their romantic dinner date, Woody again makes it clear that his wife can’t just say “Peace out” and  walk away.  He details the “bunches of legal stuff “ besides all the emotion involved.  These two Married at First Sight partners seem to seamlessly sense how to move past the daily obstacles. Such as the fact that Amani is a night person and Woody is an early riser.  They may still face some rough decisions, but their commitment is solid.

Good-hearted Amani can’t help but be a bit of a buttinsky when it comes to Henry and her friend, Olivia.  Her well-meaning intervention sparks a tense discussion between Christina and her groom.  Olivia, meanwhile, is still on very shaky marriage ground on Married at First Sight.

Henry and Christina make a surprise announcement

Olivia and Brett meet for a crawfish feast, and Amani and Woody and Henry and Christina are happy to join. Everyone is surprised to see how much more relaxed and at ease Henry and Christina are at the gathering. Christina describes her golf day with her husband and praises Henry’s patience and instruction.  He calls her a great learner, and gives further details of their salsa dancing class, saying how Christina “made it sexy.”

Off-the-cuff, Christina breaks news that “I’m pregnant,” but quickly relents that it was a tease.  Henry’s expression was worth the whole dinner.

During Henry’s talk with Amani, he discloses that for him, impatience is a dealbreaker. That is what distresses him most with his wife.  When they return home, Christina presses Henry about whether he wants to stay in the marriage.  He responds that if he had to make the choice now, he would say no. However, he is willing to try to bring out the potential, based on the past several days.  In her side interview, Christina relates times when she finds Henry “adorable,”– that’s a big difference.  If this Married at First Sight couple can start from today, they still could have a chance.  Marriage is never a movie or a fairytale, but its rewards are far more lasting.

Sarcasm and sass get old for Olivia on ‘Married at First Sight’

Olivia was a guest on the Married at First Sight: Unfiltered preshow this week, and the bride got nothing but praise and respect for her genuine heart from Pastor Cal Roberson.  Brett, on the other hand, got an absentee scolding.  “He’s got to cut that out,” insisted the expert on the groom’s constant refrain of sarcasm and snide answers.

It seems when Brett enjoys an activity, he can turn on the charm for the cameras.  At any other interval, though, his MO is to get a bottle in his hand and tune out.   That’s what he did during the trivia contest with Olivia’s friends, and he didn’t make one gesture of apology.  He proved that he did have a supportive side during their rock climbing excursion, but odds are that his behavior was back to the “same old same old” by the time they drove home. There is always hope, but the evidence speaks louder and everyone hears on Married at First Sight.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday on Lifetime.

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