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Carole Baskin Says She Had Tears ‘Flowing With Gratitude’ While Preparing For Her First ‘DWTS’ Performance

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Carole Baskin’s first few days on Dancing with the Stars was all about learning how things work. The owner of Big Cat Rescue is guest blogging about her encounters on ETOnline and posted her first entry on Wednesday.

Confusion was the name of the game early on. She talked about how the action going on behind her led to some serious disorientation. That’s comparable to what other guests have said.

However, what was different for her is what her debut song meant to her. She took the stage at last, after days of prep with her partner Pasha Pashcov.

Pasha put together their routine. Accordingly, it was “Eye of the Tiger.” Baskin said when she saw what he planned, she said she “couldn’t stop the tears from flowing with gratitude.”

She went on there to say the routine showed the power. It also showed what it meant for big cats she’s worked with.

The routine demonstrated how a tiger feels when it steps onto the grassy field of a sanctuary, she said. She added that many times, it’s the first time the cats have touched the grass.

She said their first steps demonstrate caution. Then they explode into a run.

Carole Baskin filled with emotion on DWTS

Baskin said watching tigers explore the wild for the first time fills her with emotion. She felt that again prepping for her performance.

Emotions ran high because of the cats’ eventual realization of reality. She said no big cat born in captivity can ever live in the wild. Eventually, they come to realize this.

There’s still a bright side. When rescue comes for these cats, their life of performances and expectations is over.

Baskin said Pasha’s Dancing with the Stars choreography showed it all.

“You get a sense of the strained relationship between the tiger (who wants to be free) and the captor (who wants to provide that, but knows she can’t),” she wrote. “The final pose is one of victory for both the tiger and the captor as there is a very clear “Eye of the Tiger” moment. Meaning, they both share focus and confidence as they end, staring directly into the eye of the viewer. That victory will be the end of cub handling and phasing out private possession of exotic cats.”

Sticking with the Cat theme on DWTS

Baskin finished her first guest blog by sharing her next performance. She said she and Pasha would perform a Viennese Waltz to “What’s New Pussycat” by Tom Jones. She added that some of the fun of her debut was the mystery surrounding it.

On the whole, she can’t keep everything under wraps. However, sharing details on just what they’re planning won’t come until next Tuesday and her next blog.

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