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What Does The New Highly Charged Promo With Clare Crawley Reveal About This Season?

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Watching a new teaser for the show fans get to see Chris Harrison declare Clare Crawley has, “blown up the Bachelorette.” Those who have been following along with her season know there’s a lot of speculation she left.  Another rumor surfaced that Tayshia Adams took her place as the lead.

There’s no mention of leaving or Tayshia in the promo. This leads fans to believe filming with Clare goes on for a while. Since fans spotted Clare filming at the La Quinta Resort in July they’ve been looking forward to the season. Now it seems it will be different than anything they’ve seen before.

What Does The New Teaser Show Fans About The Season?

In the teaser exclusive to People, there are accusations, kisses, and tears. One of the contestants says, “we caught you in a lie.” Another clip shows Clare saying, “I’m so falling in love with you.” A source had previously said one of her contestants got in touch with her during the delay. They said after she started to film, it was obvious her heart was elsewhere.

It seems that despite her exiting there’s still a lot of drama going on while she’s there. At one point she says in a confessional, “drama this soon is a little bit crazy.” Both Crawley and one of her contestants at least can be seen crying. One of her men says, “I’m not done yet.” Crawley angrily tells him, “you are done,” as she gets up to leave.

Clare Crawley Is Setting Up A Crazy Season

The word featured heavily in the promo for Clare’s season is respect. She posted the video on her Instagram and fans are loving it. She declares, “I’ve been down this road before.” In the background a clip is shown of her stopping Juan Pablo from hugging her. “Respect,” is playing in the background as she struts around throwing rose petals.

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One fan responded to the promo on Twitter, “I love her. Haven’t watched The Bachelorette in over 7 seasons. Def watching Clare’s season.” When Clare Crawley was on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever she addressed her season. She stated it was, “different in the best way possible.”
According to US Weekly production has not addressed the fact Tayshia Adams has replaced Clare as the lead.  The promotional videos so far having featured her. Adams just recently came back to Instagram after a hiatus. Her new post after weeks of silence celebrates her thirtieth birthday!

She said, “I am 30, I am definitely flirty, and I’m thriving.” Fans hope it means she found someone special during her time filming the show. The Bachelorette will premiere on October 13th. It’s sure to be a wild ride no matter what the fans think they already know.

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