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Danielle Busby Enrolls Four Of Her Nieces Into Blayke Busby’s School

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Danielle Busby is kissing being a “virtual mama teacher” goodbye. And, it turns out, she’s clearing her house of all the children running around. That includes the extra cousins currently staying with them.

The cousins must be staying a while, Danielle enrolls them in school.

We know Hurricane Laura completely destroyed Lake Charles. Unfortunately, it seems as if Danielle and Adam Busby’s nieces are going to be without a home for a while longer. Fortunately, Adam and Danielle have a huge home. And, they were happy to welcome their family with open arms. After all, what is four more girls running around the home?

School had just started right before Hurricane Laura hit. So, some OutDaughtered fans wondered what was going on with the girls school. Blayke was doing school online. And the quints were going to physical school. This week, however, Blayke Busby’s school was finally ready to kick off the physical school year. So, after a few weeks of virtual learning Danielle scrambled with some last minute shopping to get Blayke ready for school.

According to her Instagram post, Danielle Busby enrolled all four of Blayke’s cousins into her school as well. So, it sounds like they are going to be sticking around for a while! But, fans think it is pretty great the school was able to accommodate the last minute additions!

Fans seemed to struggle to wrap their mind around enrolling the cousins.

OutDaughtered fans seemed a little confused by Danielle Busby’s announcement on Instagram. They questioned how she was able to enroll the cousins when they didn’t actually live with her. Other fans, however, were able to clarify the girls did live with Danielle Busby because of the hurricane. So, it would make sense for her to enroll them in school. After all, legally, their parents could get in trouble if the girls are not in school!

One follower questioned why the individual felt the need to be concerned with why the cousins were involved in school. The individual responded with “exactly.” Then, they clarified they didn’t understand why Danielle and Adam Busby felt the need to share this information at all.

OutDaughtered fans were quick to slam the individual. They insisted the critic could get off the page if they didn’t enjoy the updates from the family the way everyone else did.

“I don’t get you. If you don’t want to see her blog and post about her life, you don’t have to. No ones forcing you to look at her feeds. Who gives af about how they go to their school,” one individual criticized.

The individual clapped back: “I felt it’s unnecessary to show pumping…she must feel she needs to be validated or she feels like she’s cool to show it. Poor kid will be so embarrassed.”

Another individual chimed in: “Not everyone has to look at her posts. It is literally a post about going to school. There is NOTHING wrong with that.”

Danielle Busby doesn’t usually engage with trolls.

The feud above continued for a while. But, Danielle Busby did not get involved. And, it did not appear as if her husband got involved either. As those who follow Danielle know, she doesn’t usually respond to criticism in the comments. Her husband Adam, however, does tend to respond to some negative comments on his own posts.

So, what do you think about Danielle Busby enrolling Blayke’s cousins into her school? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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