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Blayke Busby Returns To Public School After Weeks Of Virtual Learning

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The Busby family caught a bit of heat a few weeks ago when they announced Blayke Busby would be doing virtual learning for a few weeks. This was partly because OutDaughtered fans knew the quints were not doing virtual learning. And, this was partly because fans don’t understand why Blayke Busby is enrolled in public school while the quints aren’t. But, it goes without saying that it doesn’t really matter what fans do or don’t think. Adam and Danielle Busby ultimately decide what is or isn’t best for for their children. And, they’ve never been afraid of trolls or critics.

Blayke Busby returned to traditional public school this week.

Danielle Busby scrambled to do some last minute back-to-school shopping over the weekend. She admitted there were a few things they did not have and needed for Blayke to return to school. So, she went shopping with Blayke and Olivia while Adam managed the rest of the girls as well as an extra cousin currently staying with them.

It looks like Blayke Busby opted for dressing to impress for her first day back to school! If you recognize the dress, it is because it is the Annie Maxi Dress that Blayke has modeled on the Graeson Bee Boutique’s Instagram a few times.

Some OutDaughtered fans certainly find it refreshing to see the Busby family wearing clothing from their own line! Now, the dress itself has pretty thin straps that don’t necessarily look school appropriate. But, Blayke paired it with a gorgeous button-up white jacket that really pulled the outfit together!

Blayke had a huge smile on her face. Her long locks were pulled back out of her face in a big black bow that matched her dress. She was clearly ready to kick off the 4th grade! And, based on the caption, it certainly sounded like mama was ready too!

The oldest OutDaughtered child did wear a mask for safety.

The second photo featured Blayke wearing a very colorful face mask. She also had a very stylish backpack and matching lunchbox. The second snap appeared to be taken right outside the school as Danielle prepared to say goodbye to her daughter and send her in for her first day of school.

Unsurprisingly, OutDaughtered fans had nothing but great things to say about the photo. They could believe how grown-up and beautiful Blayke Busby looked on her first day of school. And, they were just thrilled Danielle was kind enough to share this moment with them.

So, what do you think about Blayke Busby’s first day of school outfit? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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