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‘Big Brother 22’ Week 6 Veto Spoilers: Who Is On The Block?

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Warning: This article contains Big Brother Season 22 spoilers from the week 6 veto ceremony. Do not read this article if you do not like Big Brother 22 live feed spoilers. 

On Sunday, we watched Dani become the next HOH of Big Brother 22. Now, those who are watching Big Brother live feed spoilers know who she nominated, who won the veto, and whether the veto was used. Again, do NOT keep reading if you don’t like Big Brother live feed spoilers.

Big Brother 22 Week 6: Who Won The Veto?

As those watching the Big Brother live feed know, Da’Vonne ended up winning the veto. Unfortunately, this wasn’t ideal for the majority of the house that has been in power for a while now. But, those at home were happy to see something that could potentially shake things up.

As The Big Brother Network confirmed, live feed spoilers confirmed “The Committee” was NOT happy about Da’Vonne winning the veto. In fact, they were trying to figure out how to scare her out of using the veto. But, we’ve all watched Day long enough to know that if she has her mind set on doing something, no one is going to talk her out of it.

Did Da’Vonne Use The Power Of Veto?

As The Big Brother Network confirms, Mama Day did use the Power of Veto during week 6. She used the POV to save Kevin. So, Dani decided to put Ian on the block in Kevin’s place. As those who have kept up with the controversy in the house know, this isn’t something Dani wanted to do. Not because she liked Ian. But, because she was worried about how she would be perceived outside of the house after Big Brother fans watched her and several other HGs make fun of Ian because he’s autistic.

So, who is on the block right now?

Unfortunately, it looks like either Ian or Tyler will be leaving the house this week. And, Big Brother fans have pretty mixed feelings about it. On one hand, Tyler has made it clear he didn’t even want to be in the game. On the other hand, Ian exiting the game after the group made fun of him for being autistic is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of fans.

Now, Kevin admitted he was happy to be off the block. But, he’s sad for Ian. Because it looks like Ian is going home. Ian did approach Nicole to ask if she knew he was going up as a replacement. Nicole denied having any knowledge of it. But, we all know that isn’t true.

Who do you think is going to go home? Sound off in the comments! Stick with us for the latest Big Brother 22 live feed spoilers.


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