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Adam Busby Gushes About How ‘Lucky’ He Is To Have Danielle

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Adam Busby of OutDaughtered considers himself to be “lucky” to have Danielle as his wife. And, who could blame him? She’s gorgeous! And, she’s clearly an incredible mother to their beautiful little girls. But, Adam must’ve been really feeling his wife yesterday. Why? Because he took to Instagram to dote on how lucky he was to have her. And, he included a glowing snapshot of both he and her.

Now, because Adam was feeling so lovey-dovey, so were we! So, here’s a little look at their love story together!

Here’s what we know about Adam and Danielle Busby’s love story.

OutDaughtered premiered on May 10, 2016. TLC fans have watched Danielle and Adam Busby navigate raising quintuplets every since. Now, we know they entered parenthood when they gave birth to Blayke back in 2011. But, their love story kicked off long before they started having children.

Wondering how Adam and Danielle Busby fell in love? How about when the OutDaughtered parents got married? Keep reading for everything we know about this adorable couple!

According to Danielle’s blog they met back in 2003. They fell in love working at the same Target located in Lake Charles. Danielle admits they were co-workers for months before Adam worked up the nerve to talk to her.

Danielle recalls “hey beautiful,” was the first words he said to her.

The OutDaughtered mom admits she did not jump into the relationship with both feet. But, they did start taking their work breaks together. Eventually, Adam asked her out on an official date. Unfortunately, the first date didn’t exactly work out as planned. While she did agree, he ended up having to cancel. So, how did he recover from standing this beautiful woman up?

Danielle decided to give him a second chance.

Lucky for Adam, Danielle decided to give him another chance. And, they went on a date at a local restaurant. Adam did go pick up Danielle after work. But, he still needed to change out of his work clothing. Adam, who was still living with his parents, takes Danielle back to his family home to change. Danielle ends up meeting his ENTIRE family on this date as he leaves her in the living room while he goes to change. And, making things more awkward, his family joins them for dinner!

[I was] stood up on our first date, then found out our actual next date was a surprise for me to go meet his entire family at his sister’s birthday party. God must have been in the works here making our hearts collide.”

Despite getting stood up on their “first date” and having a super awkward “real first date,” the duo fell in love. And, they were married on July 22, 2006. Now, after hearing this story, fans certainly understand why Adam Busby thinks he’s lucky!

So, what do you think of the sweet story of how Adam and Danielle Busby got together? Do you agree that he is lucky to have such a beautiful wife? Sound off in the comments!

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