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’90 Day Fiance’ Asuelu Finally Confronts His Mother In A Sneak Peak Video!

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The drama continues between 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Asuelu Pulaa and Asuelus greedy mother, Lesina and his opinionated sister, Tammy! He finally puts her in her place and it’s a must-watch!

Quick recap of 90 Day Fiance

On an earlier episode of 90 Day Fiance’: Happily Ever After, fans watched as Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa took a trip to Washington with their kids, to have a mini family reunion with Asuelus’ mother and sisters. When Asuelu finally gets to see his family, he gives a long-awaited embrace to his mother. The group happily sits down for dinner as Asuelu brings them an assortment of food. Kalani introduces the kids to their grandmother and aunts. A picture-perfect reunion, until money was brought up in the conversation. Lesina asks for $1,000 and Asuelu offers her $100. This doesn’t make Lesina happy, as she gets up and leaves. The 90 Day Fiance drama is always big with this family. 

Bring me the money

The encounter leaves them shocked and Kalani decided that the next day, she will meet with Lesina and Tammy to make things better. Kalani tells Asuelus’ mother and sister that they don’t have extra money. Asuelu works part-time and they have two growing boys. This ends the same way as the previous dinner. Lesina and Tammy make it clear that they don’t care about the kids. This time, Lesina and Tammy have the nerve to ask Kalani to divorce Asuelu so they can take him back to Samoa. This ends with Kalani walking away with tears in her eyes. This poor girl is crying all the time lately on 90 Day Fiance.

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This life is too short to be sad 😢 , mad 😡 , hate 🤮 , stressed 😫 and etc… but this life we deserved to be #happy #helpeachother #caring #kind #supporteachother #liftoneanotherup and overall is #LOVE ❤️ whatever people said Good or Bad !??? Just LOVE them because that’s the life should be… Oliver and Kennedy helped me do my @cameo …. thanks to aunty Tammy for the trampoline ❤️ #wordsofwisdom #Godisgood #familyfirst

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Back Home!

Back home it’s apparent that Kalani and Asuelu are having a tough time with their marriage. They both decide to have one last meeting with Asuelus’ family and Kalani’s family. The stage is set to be an epic battle.

According to Cheatsheat a sneak peek video from TLC shows Asuelu meeting his mother before the big confirmation is set to happen!

What does he tell his mom?

Lesina asks about Kalani, “Is she still mad?” she inquires.

“Kalani told me that you told Kalani that I should go to Samoa. And I want to know why you guys say that to my wife,” Asuelu asks his mother.

Lesina mentions that Kalani doesn’t want to send money to her. “So you want us to divorce, and you don’t love our kids? Your grandkids?” Asuelu asks his mother.

Lesina implies that she understands what is happening now and that Asuelu is putting his wife first “what about your mother” She Asked Asuela.

Lesina continues that she wants Asuelu to be strong. “You can stand by yourself,” Lesina says. Asuelu doesn’t seem to be moved by her response and warns his mother that he doesn’t want any fighting or drama at the meeting!

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