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‘Sister Wives’: Why Is Gwendlyn Brown In Salt Lake City?

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Sister Wives fans know that Christine Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn still lives at home in Flagstaff Arizona. In fact, not long ago,  she confirmed that Gwendlyn, Truely, and Ysabel are the only kids at home with her these days. Mykelti lives with her husband Tony Padron in St. George, Paedon left home, and so did Aspyn who married Mitch Thompson. So, what is Gwendlyn doing in Salt Lake City?

Sister Wives daughter Gwendlyn in Salt Lake City with her dog Noel

On Thursday, September 10, Gwenldyn took to Instagram and shared a funny clip. She geo-tagged the post as “Salt Lake City.” In the first photo, she stood on her skateboard as her dog Noel pulled her along the street. She captioned it with, “Learned a new trick w Noël 🐕 now we’re both skater bois. swipe to see me biff it.” The funny bit on the video that went with the photo showed her falling off and someone laughed in the background.

Sister Wives fans thought it rather amusing. Some of them teased her about the incident. But one fan asked, “Why is she in salt lake?” And, that actually seems like a good question. Why would Gwendlyn take her dog with her? In Flagstaff, the family comes along with plenty of dog-sitters, after all. Gwen’s very fond of Noel, but he’s not actually a service dog although he came into life her when she felt very down.

How did Gwendlyn get her dog?

Meaww reminds readers that Christine’s kids didn’t take to Flagstaff initially. Truely seemed very sad and missed her Las Vegas friends. And, Gwendlyn just moped around a lot. She seemed very depressed and hardly ever came out of her room. So, Christine went and got Noel the dog. Truely seemed disappointed as she’s more into cats. But, Gwendlyn fell in love with her new pup.

It’s not unusual for people to take their dogs on vacation. And, maybe Gwendlyn just felt she couldn’t bear to be parted from Noel. But, it’s not the first time she went away from home. Well, she didn’t answer the fan who asked about being in Salt Lake, so speculation comes into play. Maybe the Sister Wives‘ daughter just visits her sister Aspyn. It looks like Gwendlyn’s sister Ysabel currently visits Maddie Brown Brush in NC. Maddie and Christine both shared photos of Evie K in the same swing. It looked like Ysabel was in one of those photos.

Is Gwendlyn in Salt Lake with her dog because the family visits Maddie?

If Christine and her other kids visit Maddie Brown, then maybe Gwendlyn decided to rather visit Aspyn. After all, Aspyn lives in Salt Lake City. If her mom and the others went to North Carolina, possibly nobody stayed home to look after Noel. Of course, it’s really hard to tell the Sister Wives star even visits Aspyn. We reported that Aspyn went off social media months ago. Nobody hears anything from her these days. But, someone laughed and filmed Gwendlyn falling off her skateboard, so probably, she just spends the last of summer with Aspyn.

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