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‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Puts Haters On Blast With Powerful PSA

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown isn’t interested in being trolled by haters on Instagram. In fact, as she demonstrated not too long ago, she isn’t afraid to put troll on blast. It wasn’t that long ago that Meri was getting TONS of heat on Instagram. And, she made the decision to turn her comments off because of it. While she has since turned them back on, it appears as if the hate hasn’t died down any.

Meri Brown sends powerful PSA to haters on Instagram.

According to InTouch Weekly, Meri Brown was feeling feisty on Instagram recently. She took to her Stories to share a very powerful PSA with her followers.

“Hi, my name is Meri. I’m human. Yes, I’m on TV. Yes, I’m still human. I love.” The TLC star penned in a black and white meme style message on her Stories.

The reality TV star wrote every powerful sentence on a new line as she typed. “I’m allowed my privacy. I’m allowed my privacy. Did I say that already? I’m allowed to grow. I’m allowed to change.”

Unfortunately, Meri Brown did issue this very powerful statement on her Instagram Stories. And, it has since expired. But, that doesn’t negate the message she was trying to send.

The TLC star doesn’t like discussing Kody with fans.

Most Sister Wives fans assume there is a very fine line between not wanting to do something and not being allowed to do it. Fans assume a contract with TLC forces Meri Brown and her sister wives to keep their lips locked on certain aspects of their lives.

Still, many question if Meri Brown is even still with her husband. Kody and Meri hardly seem to like each other. In fact, many fans believe Kody just uses Meri for her money. Moreover, a lot of fans also speculate Kody only really spends any time with Robyn.

Still, Meri Brown believes what is or isn’t going on with her family is her business. And, she has a right to privacy even though she’s a reality TV star. Being a part of the Sister Wives cast doesn’t make her any less human. And, it still hurts when people judge and say cruel things about her.

Those who care about Meri Brown hope she remains strong. And, they hope she continues to take the hate as a grain of salt. The real question is simple. Why do you think Meri Brown penned this powerful PSA on Instagram? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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