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‘Married at First Sight’: Stepping Out, Special Days, and Touchy Subjects

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The five matched pairs from Married at First Sight New Orleans in Season 11 now have less than six weeks to decide if forever is possible or if divorce is the only option.  In this week’s September 9 episode, “Opening Up Is Hard to Do,” some tough issues arise, but there is also room for lots of joyful moments– another necessary ingredient to a fulfilling marriage, per Dr. Pepper Schwartz.

When it comes to making lasting memories, these Married at First Sight couples take the cake—literally.  From driving the green to slacklining, from salsa dancing to seeing gators up close, or just serving up something special for dinner– they all create memories to stay.

Amani isn’t ready to say she’s in love on ‘Married at First Sight’

Fans have gotten all warm and fuzzy to see how naturally Woody and Amani have become a couple on Married at First Sight. During a sweet coloring session, Woody is filling a homemade card with oodles of colored hearts.  He says he is ready to “spill all my beans” and proclaim his love for his bride.  It was a surprise to viewers to hear Amani respond that she “liked” her husband and felt love for him, but could not call herself “in love” yet.  She discovered that two men she was involved with were actually married, so being somewhat guarded is understandable.  Still, no matter the name, the glow of love shines from this newlywed, and she wasn’t shy with Olivia.

During some girl talk and alligator-watching at a reserve, Amani admits that she’s growing “more attracted” to her husband, as Newsweek confirmed. She even describes getting “butterflies” when she sees him.

Still longing for love

“I’m still waiting for those to show up,” Olivia regrets.  She and Brett are still not on the same page with any priorities in life, and he doesn’t really want to talk about it.  When Olivia tries to be serious, he replies with sarcastic snark.  He talks about what a “great girl” his wife is, but acts like he’s doing time just to be around her. Olivia confesses that neither of them can figure out why the Married at First Sight experts chose to match them.  Amani urges her friend to try to come to common ground and pleasing the other person.

Olivia tries to pull Brett out with a small local boat trip to explore reptiles.  “Let’s just go back home,” he complains early on, but later, he does participate.  Time is running out for these two to make strides in marital success, and only one partner seems to care.




In the evening, Amani makes home-cooked salmon and pasta, and Woody knows the secret recipe is love.  The sweeties get into a linguistic misunderstanding between “burger” and “burqa.”  Even the little disputes turn into delights with this Married at First Sight pair.  They are also seen enjoying a day of pampering at the salon together.  Amani teases that she is considering going hairless again, much to Woody’s despair.

Bennett walks the ‘Married at First Sight’ line with Amelia

When Amelia plans a special Married at First Sight day to celebrate with Bennett, she goes all out.  First off, the bride gets up in the wee hours of the night to add the perfect touches to a cake made to match her husband’s face.  The bride then offers him a surprise in a paper bag– an exact replica of her slacklining outfit, which Bennett rushes to wear.    She packs a picnic and throws in a piñata, too.

No matter how many times Bennett flipped himself off the stretchy slackline, he never stopped smiling, and he never wore shoes.  Amelia was his steady balance, but the fun-filled day turned to serious Married at First Sight conversation.  Bennett cautioned that breaking his back for his bride was “going a little too far” and the man Amelia could spend a month with in a cardboard box wasn’t really sure yet if she meant more than the world to him yet.  He did admit that floating in space could be fun and that Amelia would be the “bright spot” no matter where they were.

On the domestic front, hubby suggested that the bathroom needed a good scrubbing, and they should devise a “draft” for doing the household tasks.  They also discovered that they have seven socks between them, so perhaps they can splurge with a trip to Walmart.  Amelia proclaimed that she loved her husband more than most cheeses.  These sweethearts celebrate life and love in ways like no other Married at First Sight match, cherishing the simple.  Amelia remarked during their housewarming party that she was already thinking of their marriage as “forever.” Is Bennett pondering a less permanent future?  Only the next few weeks will tell.

Henry and Christina get their hips swinging on ‘Married at First Sight’

The most unexpected and fun surprise of the episode came from Henry and Christina.  The couple made real strides in being real people and even worked in some real communication.  Henry was checking in with his wife when she didn’t return home from work at the usual time.  The groom dreaded when she said there was something she needed to talk to him about.  She revealed that she had stopped taking her ADD medication and that might be the cause of her abrupt impatience. This was a true Married at First Sight breakthrough, and this couple needed one.

To his credit, Henry listened intently and never interrupted.  Christina related how her mother was opposed to the use of any medication. Christina, however, feels that the medication really helps her.  “There’s no shame in taking any medication.  That’s what it’s there for,” Henry encouraged, promising that he would never have any problem with her condition or how she chose to treat it.

Christina had a Married at First Sight moment of clarity.  She began to realize why the experts had matched her with this deliberate, quiet, supportive man.  “He doesn’t get mad. He doesn’t yell. Henry explains things to me, and he doesn’t make fun of me,” (as in some of her past relationships) the bride noted.

On the greens and going dancing

Christina had another surprise when she suggested that she and Henry go to the golf course.  “You’re a good teacher,” she told her husband and swing coach.  Henry described how he and his dad cherished their time playing golf.  Christina wasn’t a bad student, either, getting her ball up near the pin by the third try.  “Golf can be our sport,” she suggested before her husband suggested a crawfish dinner to cap off their Married at First Sight day on the greens.

Harry was not to be outdone.  He scheduled a salsa dancing class with his wife, which clearly delighted her.  Despite taking his time to warm up, Henry kept at it, and finally looked up from the floor.  “He kept going and he got better,” Christina praised of her Married at First Sight mate.  For the first time, Henry, and Christina were arm in arm, and smiling, too.

Miles has a case of bad timing on Married at First Sight

Henry and Christina may have the lead over Miles and Karen after this episode.  The two were acting like a genuine couple and their housewarming with guests.  This week, they delved into childhood issues, when Miles explained that he had to be the peacemaker between his two divorced parents.  Karen cautioned him that she didn’t want him to allow his needs to go unmet. When he mentions a certain need around supper time, Karen shows her scorn.

Karen is extremely scarred from the pain of her unfaithful relationship.  Pastor Calvin Roberson warned this potential Married at First Sight power couple that time is getting short for them to build the trust to withstand the test of marriage.  After a shopping trip, which Miles defended as a date, the husband asked how his wife felt about intimacy and affection while she was putting away the groceries.  Karen deflected the question, insisting “we are not there right now.”  “We are there right now,” Miles countered, meaning that they were in a real marriage.

Whether he meant it in playful affection or as a set ultimatum, Miles marked a date on the calendar for their marriage vows to be consummated.  Karen was far from amused.  She was insulted, and this Married at First Sight matter may not be resolved in less than six weeks.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday on Lifetime.

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