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‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford Gets New Artwork Tattoo For A Good Reason

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Unexpected star, Hailey Tilford revealed that she got a new tattoo. While some fans might think that she’s a mom now so she shouldn’t do that, she did it for a good reason. She posted up an Instagram photo that showed the artwork on September 7.

Unexpected star Hailey Tilford reveals new tattoo

On Tuesday, Hailey took to Instagram and shared a photo of her new tattoo. It’s rather attractive and features a curling feather with three birds flying above it. While many fans liked the tattoo, others found issues with it. Well, why would they? After all, it looks nice enough. But, its the history behind it that creates the problem.

The Unexpected mom also revealed that it actually covers up an old tattoo. And, some fans of the TLC show think that they can still see the old one. It seems that Hailey learned a lesson about tattoos. That’s because the one the new artwork covers up was Matthew Blevins’ name.

Hailey said in her caption, “Just like that you’re gone. 🥰 I’m so glad to have that toxic name off of me and YES, I definitely learned my lesson.”

Matthew Blevins gone out of Hailey’s life

We reported in mid-July, that in a Q&A, Hailey revealed that Matthew still denies Levi is his child. In fact, she never went after him for any child support. Hailey told fans. “Don’t want him to have any type of rights to a child he doesn’t claim. I don’t want him to be able to walk in and out when he chooses.” Well, removing his name must a relief as the ex-couple really doesn’t like each other at all anymore.

The Things reminds readers that “Matthew Blevins had a baby with his girlfriend Hailey [Tomlinson].” But he moved on and got involved with Hailey Tilford and fathered is a second child with her. Initially, he seemed very happy with the idea of another baby. But, he never made it to the birth of Levi or the baby shower. The Unexpected couple split and these days, Hailey Tilford lives with Cole Smith.

Dating Cole Smith’s a good enough reason to lose the old tattoo

Fans commented on Hailey’s Instagram post about the tattoo. They agreed that people should never put tattoos of boyfriends on their bodies. After all, if they split, a nasty permanent reminder stays on them. And, it can’t be easy for her new man, Cole, to see Matthew’s name in his face every day. These days, things got so serious with Cole, that Hailey talks about them marrying one day.

It certainly looks like the Unexpected star learned her lesson about boyfriends and tattoos. Hopefully, other young fans take that as a good example of why it’s a bad idea.

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