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Did ‘DWTS’ Kaitlyn Bristowe Have Plastic Surgery?

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Rumors are flying that former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe has underwent plastic surgery. The DWTS contestant for the upcoming season has been scrutinized over how drastically her appearance has changed. Fans have thought she had work done before, but the accusations are getting worse as she prepares to compete on Dancing With the Stars. 

Fans accuse Kaitlyn of plastic surgery on her face

One thing is certain, Kaitlyn was beautiful then and she is beautiful now. However, many think she has had work done on her appearance. And, if she did so what. It’s her face, right? But, people can be cruel. Recent photos of her have been compare to her pictures from days of The Bachelorette. And, it’s rather obvious there are some big noticeable differences.

Many fans took to social media posts to share their thoughts on Kaitlyn’s appearance. One fan said, “I feel like she has has way too much plastic surgery.” Another commented, “the lips.” Yet another reply said, “she looked so much better before it’s too bad.”

And still the comments continued. One said she looked “plastic.” And another fan said, “I’m so confused, why she think this look is prettier, no words.”

Did she have work done?

Speculation has been going on for years that Kaitlyn had work done. In fact, Life & Style reported a few years back that she looks like she had work done. However, a dermatologist had noted she did look like she had non surgical work completed. He said Kaitlyn had, “signs of cheek fillers, skin brightening, lip plumpers, Botox, and even a non-surgical neck and chin lift.” It is important to note that this doctor had never treated Kaitlyn personally.

Kaitlyn has been through a lot in her life. She has tried to put forth positive messages about body image. However, she did note that being in the spotlight puts a lot of pressure on a person.

Just this week, Kaitlyn broke down in response to trolls shaming her appearance. She shared they got to her. Tied along with PMS and being exhausted from rehearsals, she broke down. Then, Kaitlyn said she cried it out and is doing better now.

Kaitlyn said, “I don’t stay in good spirits. I drown in tears sometimes. And that’s okay. I don’t stay in dark places long and that’s the goal for me.” She continued, “Feel your feelings, find the root issue, and push forward.”

Regardless if Kaitlyn had work done on her appearance or not, she is beautiful. Fans can’t wait to see her dream come true of dancing on DWTS. 

The season premiere airs September 14 on ABC.



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