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Is Jinger Vuolo Unhappy Being Married To Jeremy?

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Is Jinger Vuolo even happy in her marriage to Jeremy? Some more critical followers of the family worry that might be the case. In fact, some Duggar Snarks speculate Jinger got married too young and too soon. Did she even see if anything else was out there? Or, did she just settle for the first man that courted her?

While we certainly love their adorable daughter. And, we are thrilled they are expecting baby number two. Fans have serious doubts about how happy Jinger is with Jeremy. What has some people thinking this way? Keep reading for what we’ve been able to dig up.

Some followers think Jinger Vuolo masks her real feelings, isn’t happy.

Followers of the show frequent Reddit. It, however, goes without saying this is where some of the more critical followers of the show like to hang out. And, Jinger has been a recent topic of conversation. More specifically, they’ve discussed Jinger’s relationship with Jeremy. And, they are not really feeling it these days. In fact, they believe she is actually wearing a mask. Is she hiding her real feelings for her husband?

  • “Everything she’s done since she met Jeremy has felt fake to me, like she’s acting how she thinks a fiancee/wife should act, not how she would naturally act.”
  • “I think Jinger is masking a lot of negative feelings right now.”
  • “I still feel bad for Jinger. Again, I put her in the ‘would’ve been a nice person if she wasn’t raised in a cult’ camp and it’s always sad to see those characters turn out exactly as their parents intended at the end of the day.”
  • “She grew up in a home where feelings weren’t allowed. Having no feelings means seeming shallow. I’m not excusing her for anything, but I do think it’s trauma from her childhood. I think part of the reason she’s with jerm is he’s very domineering and she feels less stressed when she’s being her emotions off someone else.”

There is more sadness than judgment for Jinger and Jeremy.

Now, it is important to keep in mind there is a difference between judging someone and being sad for them. Even the people on the Reddit thread dedicated to slamming the family aren’t slamming Jinger. If anything, they are slamming Michelle and Jim Bob. They are sad for the world Jinger grew up in. They believe it killed her ability to express her feelings. So, she’s forced to bury them.

Overall, however, most just wish Jinger could get the help she needed to be happy. They just aren’t sure Jeremy is the answer to helping Jinger.

So, do you think Jinger might be unhappy with Jeremy?

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