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‘DWTS’: Trolls Leave Kaitlyn Bristowe In Tears As She Dishes Who Intimidates Her

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DWTS fans sounded very happy for Kaitlyn Bristowe when they heard she features on the show. But, it didn’t take long for trolls to pitch up and slap her. In fact, she cried on her Instagram Stories on Saturday night. And, she also revealed who intimidated her the most among her competitors.

DWTS – Kaitlyn Bristowe broke down and cried over trolling

Dancing With the Stars newcomer, Kaitlyn Brisowe seemed very upset with comments about her looking “plastic.” Actually quite a lot of people think she went for plastic surgery. The former Bachelorette lead now recalls just how hard social media can be. She told her fans that she cried about it, as it takes some getting used to nasty people again.

On Saturday night, Kaitlyn first shared a short clip of her dog on Instagram stories. But, the next slide revealed that the DWTS competitor feels terrible. On it, she wrote, “I forget how mean people are when you go back in G.” Then  she noted, “Just so many she looks old and ‘plastic’ comments everywhere.” Finally, she wrote, “You win today trolls. You got to me.”

DWTS Kaitlyn cries

Kaitlyn describes how she cried

In another clip, Kaitlyn said, “had a good cry. Didn’t somehow ruin my eyeliner.” Her voice really sounded full of tears. Kaitlyn added, “I think that honestly, I’m just so tired that anything will set me off right now.” Then, she explained, “I got it out. I like to be honest on here. I had a weak moment, cried it out.”

The DWTS hopeful also said, “I poured myself a glass and wine, and remembered what’s important in life.” Actually, those comments about old and plastic seem rather sad and very hurtful. After all, she looked forward to the ABC show so much. She went from elated to crying in a few short days. And, she works hard at dancing.

Initially, she sounded thrilled about her dance partner, but People TV put pressure on her for spoilers. And dancing is really hard work. No wonder she feels a bit fragile.

Pressed for spoilers by news outlet, talks AJ Mclean

Over on Twitter, People TV shared an interview where they tried getting Kaitlyn to spoil who her partner is. Repeatedly, they tried tripping her up with loaded questions. Kaitlyn said she feared giving away spoilers. But even so, they extracted the info that she dances with a man who has hair. Maybe not earthshattering, but now fans know her pro dancer is a man anyway.

During the interview, Kaitlyn also spoke about the person who intimidated her the most on DWTS. She seems worried by AJ Mclean from the Backstreet Boys. As she mentioned, she “watched his moves numerous times.” He’s really good. Well, nobody said it would be easy, but it seems that trolls simply make it that much harder for her.

What do you think about trolls reducing a once-happy Kaitlyn to tears already? Sound off in the comments below.

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