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Derick Dillard Has AMAZING Plans For His Law Degree

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Those who follow the Duggar family know Jill and her husband Derick have cut the cord that connected them to Michelle and Jim Bob. And, Derick has been speaking out on behalf of his wife. Spilling the team all over social media. Derick insists his wife does not get along with her father. And, they often get left out of family functions.

Now, Derick Dillard is currently in law school. He has been going after his degree for a few years. And, some can’t help but wonder what inspired him to go after a law degree in the first place. What does he want to do with it. Turns out, he opened up about his plans for his law degree on Twitter recently. And, it sounds like his wife Jill Dillard may have inspired his drive to into the legal industry.

Derick Dillard enters his final year of law school.

As hard as this might be to believe, law school is almost over for Derick Dillard. This in itself differs from the rest of the family that usually takes on jobs within the Duggar family business. It was back in 2018 that Derick Dillard and Jill announced his plans to pursue a law degree on their website. They were excited to make the following announcement.

We will be remaining stateside for now as Derick is beginning law school at the University of Arkansas. We look forward to seeing how God will continue to direct our family in this new chapter of life!”

This year is a big deal for Derick because it is his FINAL year of law school. And, it is also the first year his oldest son kicks off public schooling. So, it was a very special day for the family.

What does he want to do with his legal degree?

Now, if you don’t follow Derick Dillard on Twitter you really should. Why? He offers a lot of nuggets of information he doesn’t share on Instagram. He’s also just more social on Twitter. Probably because you don’t have to include pictures to post on Twitter.

In fact, it was on Twitter that he recently got candid about some of his plans for his legal degree. And, they are really pretty sweet plans.

Responding to one of his Twitter followers, Derick admitted his passion is to help people who get taken advantage of. Now, many can’t help but wonder if that is because his wife technically falls into this category. Would he ever sue Jim Bob or TLC? Reddit users certainly think he’d consider it.

So, do you think Derick Dillard has a sweet reason for wanting a law degree? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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