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‘Below Deck Med’: Captain Sandy Empathizes With Jessica More

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Below Deck Med fans don’t typically associate “empathy” with Captain Sandy Yawn. She fired Hannah Ferrier for having an unregistered prescription for Valium and a CBD pen. Before that, she fired chef Kiko “Hindrigo” Lorran for his lack of performance in the galley. However, fans would beg to differ.

In the upcoming episode, third stew Jessica More experiences a panic attack during a crew swim. Like Hannah, she suffers from anxiety. She was called into Captain Sandy’s office, which sounds scary especially during this whirlwind season. But Sandy empathized with Jessica and shared her similar experience when she suffered from a heart attack.

Jessica More suffers from heart palpitations

The last final moments of Below Deck Med were intense. Jessica More and some of her crew were enjoying a group swim while the charter guests had a tour of Ibiza. After a swim in the waters, Jessica noticed her heart beating fast. She had to sit down and take several breaths.

Bosun Malia White told Jessica to remain calm. Later, she is called into Captain Sandy Yawn’s office. Instead of chastising her, Sandy recalled a time when she suffered from a similar symptom. She realized she was having a heart attack.

Sandy took Jessica’s symptoms very seriously. She takes her blood pressure and informs her friend, who’s a cardiologist.

“Two years ago I had heart palpitations,” Captain Sandy said in the preview for the upcoming episode. “And my end result was a heart attack. So as a captain I’m going to stay on this. Check her blood pressure and make sure she’s okay.”

Sandy revealed she was exercising when she experienced a heart attack. Back in February, she went public with her story. Sandy said she didn’t want to alert anyone in her cycling class or call 911. But then an Uber driver noticed her struggling and yelled for help.

Sandy says people shouldn’t make the mistake she did. Instead, they should call for help. In the new Below Deck Med episode, Sandy sends Jessica’s blood pressure readings to her friend. Thankfully, Jessica turns out and claims she had too much caffeine before riding the jetski.

Her boatmance with Robert Westergaard is obviously wearing on her. She just found out that he’s been texting his ex-girlfriend. And now she’s grown increasingly insecure and jealous about their relationship. The new episode shows Jessica spiraling.

Below Deck Med episode reveals Jessica’s jealous side

Somehow a casual conversation about micro male parts also has Jessica growing jealous. In the preview for Below Deck Med, second stew Aesha Scott shares her raunchy sense of humor with deckhand Robert Westergaard. Jessica also took part in the conversation.

“If you had completely fallen in love with someone, like head over heels, madly in love, and then after you found out that they had a microp*nis, would you stay with them?” Aesha asks.

“Yeah, I still love him,” Jessica joked, hinting that Robert had one.

“Congratulations,” Aesha congratulated Robert with a pat on his arm.

Then Jessica has a change of heart and decides to remove herself from the conversation. Robert tries to change the subject with Aesha, but Jessica isn’t having it. Then Robert suggests they should go on a shopping trip.

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Alex overhears the awkward conversation and yells, “Jealousy!” Then he says, “This is weird,” as he could sense the tension in the crew mess.

Jessica asks Alex why she’s so jealous of their conversation. Alex jokes that she’s a “jealous person,” who “wanted to shoot” him when he hugged Robert the other day. In his confessional, Alex answers the question, “Is Jess jealous? Yes! Yes!”

This won’t be the last time that fans will witness Jessica’s jealousy. Fans are already talking about the infamous butt grab, which happens in the latter part of the season.

Below Deck Med airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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