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All For The Money? Fans Remain Doubtful Danielle Busby Eats Lean Cuisine

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Danielle Busby (nor her husband for that matter) have been very active on Instagram as of late. In fact, other than a few brief Hurricane updates, the only real content Danielle has posted is promotions for Lean and Life Cuisine. And, OutDaughtered fans are still having a hard time buying that she actually consumes these TV diners.

Danielle Busby doubles down, insists she eats Lean and Life Cuisine.

The OutDaughtered mother took to her Instagram Stories recently to double down on the fact that she does consume Life and Lean Cuisine meals. This is despite fans arguing that there is no way she actually consumes these TV meals. Fans have take issue with the promotion on her Instagram before.

For starters, TV diners are almost always loaded with sodium. And, being a fitness guru, it doesn’t make sense for Danielle to eat something processed and loaded with sodium.

Moreover, she pushed the Life Cuisine bowls as being an alternative to avoiding eating what she cooks the girls. Why? Because the girls meals often contain a lot of carbs and other stuff her body struggles to handle.

Now, the issue with this argument is that Lean and Life Cuisines are not marketed as low carb TV dinners. In fact, a quick review of their nutrition labels reveals they have pretty high carb content. This is compared to other TV diners (such as Atkin’s) that are actually intended to be low carb.

Is this all about money?

OutDaughtered fans, for the most part, don’t have an issue with Adam and Danielle taking on promotions. After all, it is an easy way for them to make extra money. So, they can spend more time at home taking care of their girls. But, some fans do take issue with the possibility that Danielle is lying about what she is promoting. If she’s going to make money as a social media influencer… Couldn’t she promote something she actually likes?

Truthfully, there is no way for OutDaughtered fans to know for sure that Danielle does or does not consume the TV meals she is promoting.  She has recorded herself taking a few bites, so she does at least taste what she is promoting. Unfortunately for Danielle, there will always be a few doubters and trolls lurking on her Instagram profile.

Dinner time for the girls & me

Posted by Outdaughtered Fans on Saturday, August 29, 2020

So, have you ever had Lean or Life Cuisine? Do you think Danielle Busby actually consumes what she promotes? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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