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Maddie Brown Brush Shares Evie’s Post-Surgery Update With Sweet Photo

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Sister Wives fans recently learned Maddie Brown Brush’s daughter Evie underwent her first corrective surgery.

What exactly is wrong with Maddie’s daughter Evie?

It was in October of last year that Maddie Brown Brush started to open up about her daughter’s health. Maddie revealed that her daughter was just 24 hours old when they were given her diagnosis.

Speaking to People Magazine, Maddie revealed they learned Evie had oligodactyly, a congenital anomaly, which meant she had fewer than five fingers or toes.

I was stressing out the whole time. It was mixed emotions because I’m like, ‘I’ll take less than 10 fingers,’ but also nobody wants to hear that their daughter is going to be born without all of her fingers.”

For a long time, Maddie Brown Brush suffered a great deal of “mom guilt.” She worried and wondered about what she might’ve done wrong or different during this pregnancy.

Just a day after she was born, doctors diagnosed Maddie and Caleb’s daughter Evie with fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia, and oligosyndactyly (FATCO) syndrome. It is an extremely rare genetic disorder. Unfortunately, doctors have no idea what causes it.

Maddie explained: “It’s a genetic disorder so it’s just something that happens and they don’t know why.”

When Maddie and Caleb made the decision to open up about their daughter’s condition, they revealed they also decided to wait. They wanted to wait until she was over the age of one to make any major decisions. They wanted to give her body time to develop before considering corrective surgery or amputation.

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This is one of the hardest things that Caleb and I have gone through and the decision to share almost as difficult, but after a lot of consideration, we realized that it’s the best thing for our daughter and there is a chance it may help other parents who may also be struggling. . Our beautiful baby daughter Evie has been diagnosed with FATCO syndrome (basically the abbreviation for lots of intense Latin words😅). It’s a rare medical syndrome where bones in extremities do not fully develop. . . It wasn’t a complete surprise; we were aware of some abnormalities before birth. We knew something was wrong when we went in for a routine anatomy ultrasound at 26 weeks and what should have taken 45 minutes, ended up lasting a nerve-wracking two hours. It was then that the doctor told us that they couldn’t find all ten fingers and diagnosed the baby with oligodactyly (fewer than 10 fingers). Although this was better than expected, it was still heartbreaking news. . But when Evie was born, Caleb and I found out our precious little girl was missing more than just one finger. She was missing three fingers, a toe and her fibula. She also had a bowed tibia, a shortened forearm and some fusing in her fingers. It was at this point, the doctors diagnosed her with FATCO syndrome. . We were hesitant to share Evie’s condition publicly for fear that our infant daughter would become the target of mean jokes and cyberbullying. That said, we felt not being open would be even worse and make Evie feel ashamed for something that makes her all the more special in our eyes. .. As far as we have been told, with fewer than 10 recorded cases of her specific findings, it’s unclear what causes the condition. She is healthy in every other way aside from the missing bones. As a family, we have decided to be open as we walk through this journey. We want Evie to always feel pride in who she is, and all that God gave her!

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So, fans as well as this Sister Wives couple knew amputation surgery was always a possibility. Still, it was a difficult piece of information for TLC fans to take in when Maddie Brown Brush took to Instagram a week ago to reveal the surgery.

Maddie Brown Brush offered first surgery update a week ago.

It was exactly a week ago that Maddie Brown Brush took to Instagram. She shared a sweet photo of herself with her baby girl. The first photo of Evie post-surgery. The facial expression of the exhausted mama looked like she was smiling under her mask. Likely relieved her daughter made it through the surgery alright. Evie, however, had a bit of a sad expression on her face. Fans can only assume she was confused by the changes to her body.

Naturally, Sister Wives fans were quick to praise Maddie Brown Brush and her daughter Evie. They praised them both on being so brave. They showered them with love and support. But, they also worried. They worried how Evie would adjust. How would she recover? What came next?

And, how is Evie doing?

Sister Wives fans were thrilled when Maddie Brown Brush took to Instagram this morning. Many had been filled with worry and wonder. How was Evie adjusting post-surgery? Fortunately, we now have an update on the situation. And, it came with a very sweet photo of the brave little girl.

Maddie Brown Brush shared a photo of her daughter Evie playing in the grass. Evie was all smiles. She looked happy as could be. And, she appears to be having a wonderful time playing outside. According to Maddie, Evie was a very strong little girl. And, she wasn’t letting her cast slow her down.

“Evie’s poor cast has taken quite the beating. She’s not letting anything stop her!” Maddie penned in the caption.

In just two hours, Maddie’s 345,000 followers showered the photo with over 8,000 likes and several hundred comments. They were so happy to have an update. Many praised both Maddie and her daughter.

  • “I was a club footed baby. Constantly in casts. They never stopped me! Even when the dr rounded the bottom so I had a harder time walking on them! It created personality traits in me that I am so thankful for. Perseverance. Determination. Refusal to give up. She is such a doll!!”
  • “You go Evie! She is tough like her Mama! Sending love and prayers for quick healing.”
  • “Glad to see your beautiful Evie is happy and recovering well!”
  • “Look at that smile! Spitfire like her mama! She is unstoppable! Wait until she is a teen!”

Post-surgery it seems as if Evie is doing fantastically well. And, Sister Wives fans couldn’t be happier.


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