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‘Million Dollar Beach House’ Accused of Being Racist

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The first six episodes of Million Dollar Beach House recently were released to Netflix. This was Season 1 of the show. Now that people are watching it this show is being accused of coming across racist. You can make up your own mind by checking it out.

Million Dollar Beach House accused of racism

In this show, they are in the Hamptons selling the best of the best houses. The show seems to be coming off as a bit racist, though. This weekend it was the 2nd most-watched show and people are paying attention.

Here are a few tweets that explain how people are feeling about this show.

  • you see how Maya from Selling Sunset casually dropped she was pregnant and let it go? Michael from Million Dollar Beach House could NEVER.
  • Peggy from Million dollar beach house is racist. I’m calling it
  • 10 minutes into episode 1 of Million Dollar Beach House and Luke needs to keep Noel out his mouth. kmt.
  • All of the agents on Million Dollar Beach House have terrible personalities
  • The amount of racist vibes I get from Million Dollar Beach house is the exact reason you would NEVER catch me dead in the Hamptons. That’s a no from me dawg. And honestly f**k that ugly mf Michael.
  • It makes me uncomfortable that Million Dollar Beach House on

    has its main storyline so far based on the only Black person and the only woman pitted against each other

  • Million dollar beach house is absolutely one of the most racist shows ever. The fact that they felt comfortable releasing it is beyond me. Shame on Netflix!!!!

The show just didn’t go over well

If you were looking for a show about million dollar beach houses, that is one thing you will see. This is something that is shown off and on during the show. People love seeing those homes.

The thing some people don’t love is racism being portrayed in this show. The guys are also being compared to “frat boys” a lot. So, what do you think?

One thing to notice is that the people getting ahead are the white men. They are passing by the black man in the office along with the women. Check it out for yourself on Netflix.

You can watch Season 1 of Million Dollar Beach House and hopefully, the news will come about Season 2 soon. So, share what your thoughts are on this series.

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