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Celeb Privilege? Kylie Jenner Catches Heat For Traveling Amid Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, but many criticize celebrities such as Kylie Jenner for acting as though it doesn’t exist. Is coronavirus not something the wealthy have to worry about? Kylie Jenner is currently under fire for similar reasons. Her followers question why she has the freedom to travel. Does travel bans for the virus not apply to celebrities? Is she immune to the virus? Celebrity privilege much?

Kylie Jenner flaunts international travel on Instagram.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians took to Instagram yesterday. She updated her fans on her latest travels. And, her fans were not super happy about it. In fact, many felt like she was flaunting her wealth and ability to travel. Did COVID-10 travel bans not apply to the rich and famous?

Kylie Jenner’s post contained multiple photos. The first featured her standing against a building without wearing a mask. And, this only seemed to make her fans more unhappy. Rich American spreading COVID-19 internationally? She was catching some serious heat for it.

Now, Kylie Jenner did have her mask pulled up over her face for the second photo. But, a lot of individuals don’t fully understand how Instagram works. And, they don’t always know to swipe over to see additional photos. In fact, chances are pretty good she would have caught a little less heat if she would have put the photo of her wearing a mask first. Was she purposely trying to stir the pot?

Fans tear into the reality TV star, unhappy with her travels.

To date, Kylie Jenner has 193 million followers on Instagram. In just 24 hours, her photo accumulated 8.3 million hearts and over 20,000 comments. Unfortunately for the reality TV star, most were NOT happy with the photo. And, they were NOT happy with her decision to travel. Some of her fans insisted she needed to be more careful. She had a platform with such a huge risk, she should be more responsible with the message she sends to her followers.

  • “Why do you get to travel the world during this time and everyone else doesn’t? How insane that she thinks she is above the common good of the world.”
  • “People like her are the reason that no military members can go home to see their families. I haven’t seen my dad in almost a year.”
  • “You have this huge platform and instead of promoting social distancing and adhering to the laws and regulations put in place for everyone’s SAFETY in a GLOBAL PANDEMIC instead you flaunt your travels internationally when people can’t even see sick family members during this crisis I hope you are ashamed of yourself.”

Many of Kylie’s followers agreed she should feel ashamed of herself for flaunting international travel.

How do you feel about Kylie Jenner traveling amid a pandemic? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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