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Adam Busby Catches Heat For Going On Play Date Without All His Girls

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Adam Busby treated OutDaughtered fans to their first non-hurricane related Instagram post in a few days. And, they were all here for it! Fans were relieved to see the quints were still able to have a good time despite the devastation going on around them.

As we’ve previously reported, fans were overwhelmed by how brave Hazel was as they enjoyed a pool play date with daddy. Unfortunately, pleasing everyone is something Danielle and Adam Busby struggle with. There’s always a fan in the crowd that’s disappointed for one reason or another. What could anyone find disappointing in such a sweet video clip of the girls? Keep reading to find out.

Adam Busby and three quints enjoy a play date together.

Perhaps needing a break from the Hurricane Laura chaos, Adam Busby took off with three of the quints. He took Riley, Parker, and Hazel for a pool play date at a friend’s house. Fortunately, as we previously reported, his friend’s property didn’t seem to be damaged by the hurricane. Moreover, the girls really seemed to be having a blast! One of Adam’s Instagram followers, however, had a difficult time enjoying the fun video clip. They, however, wanted to make it clear they were not trying to troll the OutDaughtered dad. They were just curious about some parenting choices.

“Play date why would you not take all 5 just asking no TROLLS please wondering why not have all 5 enjoy the play date,” one individual penned in a comment liked nearly 100 times. So, while there weren’t too many other people verbally agreeing with the individual… A lot of people seemed to appreciate and support the comment.

Now, as those who follow Adam know, he is not afraid to respond to fans or trolls. He’s happy to clap back. And, he’s happy to offer information. So, he was quick to enlighten this individual on why he only took some of his girls on the play date.

Why did the OutDaughtered daddy only take some of the girls?

Adam Busby is never afraid to defend his parenting decisions on Instagram. This is true even though many of his fans believe there is no reason for him to do so. Adam explained that divide and conquer was just how he and Danielle made having six children work. Divide and conquer, however, isn’t the only reason. Adam also believes splitting the girls up is necessary for them to develop their own personalities.

Because we split them up. Just because we have 6 kids, doesn’t mean they have to do everything together every day. It’s healthy to get away and do your own thing every now and again. Plus we have 4 of their lake Charles cousins at our house right now because of the storm.”

The individual responded: “Thank you I was just wondering I feel honored you replied to my comment I have 9 grandkids and I try for the ones she age to do the parties. Or get together with same age group. Do not mean anything bad by it please everyone don’t attack me freedom of speech and they are in the public eye so trolls stay in your lane.”

Understandably, the individual was afraid trolls would come after them for asking about the play date.

OutDaughtered fans liked Adam’s response, tossed in their opinions.

Nearly, 1,000 of his followers liked his response. And, many responded to it. Some noted divide and conquer was the only logical way to handle that many children.

  • “Hubby and I have started splitting the kids up too…divide and conquer. Also it’s great to see how the kids are without the others around.”
  • “Amen! We have 3 boys and try to do things separately once in a while to have them feel special and they all enjoy different things!”
  • “We have always split our triplets up too. yes they have similar and also different friends as per their personalities. They all share one special friend in particular, sometimes go as individuals sometimes go as a trio. Depends on activities involved. Creates great sense of independence and individual personalities.”

As long as Adam Busby was making an effort to spend time with all six of his girls, most understood the need to split them up. They just hoped they all got equal attention from dad.

So, do you enjoy seeing Adam Busby respond to fans questions? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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