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‘VPR’: Scheana Shay Reveals The Next Step For Her & Brock Davies

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Scheana Shay shared an update with her fans. The Vanderpump Rules star is opening up about where she is in her fertility journey with Brock Davies. Scheana would like to freeze her embryos before more eggs. This comes after she shared her egg-freezing journey on Season 8 of the Bravo series.

A few months ago, Scheana opened up about her miscarriage. She shared the details on both her podcast and her YouTube channel. Unfortunately, Scheana lost her baby when she was on a weekend getaway in San Diego. While she previously admitted she’s not actively trying for baby, she is open to freezing her embryos.

Scheana Shay gives an update on her fertility journey

The reality star wants to keep her options open. For Scheana Shay, that includes expanding her family with boyfriend Brock Davies. On the Friday, August 28th episode of her “Scheananigans” podcast, the couple discussed their future together. A fan asked them if they’re “still planning on freezing embryos in the future.” The fan also called Scheana’s journey “inspiring.”

“I think so,” Scheana responded. “I don’t think that is on the agenda right now, but I think before I were to go through a third round of freezing eggs, we would do embryos.”

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Today’s the day! Bye bye eggs! For me personally, this has been a very easy, painless and awesome experience. Everyone is different I’m sure. I am single and no where near trying to have a baby. So for me- yes, this was an easy process and when i say painless, I’m referring to the needles which i have no problem with. My AMH levels were only at .28 and for my age that’s insanely low. That’s disappointing to find out. It was an awesome experience to see everything that goes into freezing eggs. My doctor highly recommended for me to do this to have a better chance at a healthy baby down the road. I have learned so much about fertility and everything that goes into freezing eggs and IVF. You never know what will happen in life. @scrcivf and @drshahinghadir have been so amazing throughout this entire journey! Thank you to all of my super supportive followers who have been thru this and given me advice. If you are in your late twenties/early 30s and able to afford it, I highly recommend this! We retrieved 12 eggs and only got 9 mature of those, so I am already planning a second round this summer bc the more the merrier and better chance of being viable once fertilized down the road! In no way am I trying to minimize those struggling with infertility by saying this is “easy”. I’m not trying to have a baby right now, so this was an easy decision for me to make and thankfully I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford it. My heart goes out to all of the women struggling with infertility. I could likely be in that boat one day which is why I’m being proactive now with such low AMH levels. I’ve also had numerous women reach out thanking me for sharing this bc if they knew sooner that this was an option, maybe they wouldn’t be struggling with infertility issues. This is MY post about MY journey. Thank you all for following me thru this experience … ♥️🥚 and to all of the negative and uneducated comments on this post, check out the next episode of @scheananigans where my DOCTOR answers all of the questions men and women need to know.

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“Oh yeah. We can definitely have that conversation moving forward,” Brock chimed in. “She froze [her eggs] for a reason and my [sperm], definitely, we know how they work.”

However, they have no idea how their journey is going to go. The couple will focus on it when it happens, says the Australian fitness trainer, who already has two kids. Scheana revealed that she was considering freezing her eggs for the third time. But if she were to make that decision, then she would just freeze her embryos. However, the couple hasn’t made any set plans.

Last year, Scheana froze 16 of her eggs. The “Good as Gold” singer previously spoke out about the first round of the in vitro fertilization process. She credited her doctor for teaching her so much about fertility, freezing her eggs, and going through IVF. She’s still hopeful she will have kids of her own someday.

Vanderpump Rules star suffered a devastating miscarriage

In a previous episode of her podcast, Scheana Shay shared the news of her miscarriage. In late June, she said she found out about her “miracle” baby “a few weeks ago.” It was a shock since her doctor told her “it would be close to impossible to get pregnant on [her] own.”

Then on July 1st, Scheana shared an emotional YouTube video. The television personality shared the details of her miscarriage. It happened before she could tell her dad or friends about the pregnancy. Last month, Scheana got a tattoo of a poppy flower to symbolize her heartbreaking loss.

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