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‘Big Brother’ All-Stars Alum Janelle Pierzina Is Ready For A New Reality Adventure, What Does She Want To Do?

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Fans never expected to see Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina evicted in week three. Many were disappointed to see the queen leave the house. Janelle is famous for being the only four time Big Brother player in history. This alone placed a huge target on her back. One mistake may have been using her safety suite pass during the first week. But, now that she is out of the house, she has her sights set on another reality television adventure.

Janelle is ready for another reality adventure

Entertainment Weekly shared what Janelle had to say about her time in the house and plans for the future. Going into the house Janelle knew she wanted to play OG. However, many of the younger players are playing passively.

Janelle said she was excited to go into the house for a fourth time. However, when asked if she would go in a fifth time, she revealed probably not. But, if there was another All-Stars season that was shortened she would do it again. Instead, Janelle has another adventure in mind.

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She would love to compete on her favorite show

So now she has been on Big Brother and The Amazing Race. And, she’s got her sights set on another CBS powerhouse reality show. Janelle said she would love to compete on Survivor. She said, “I would absolutely 100 percent do Survivor. Like, it would be the biggest thing in my life. I love the show. I absolutely adore it.”

Janelle went on to say, “We played The Amazing Race. I did it with Survivor and other Amazing Race people. I always say Big Brother is the best show on CBS. There’s great lighting, you get food, you get a bed. I mean, these things are important to me. Now, Survivor is really roughing it, sleeping on bamboo, hungry, you see people flossing their teeth with bamboo and little sticks. But that would be the ultimate challenge for me because I did grow up camping.”

Janelle also said, “I would absolutely love it. I think everyone at CBS knows Survivor is my favorite show.” She went on to say she has never missed an episode. Janelle goes on to say she has even rewatched seasons and just loves the show.

And, even though Janelle was sent home after just three weeks, she doesn’t regret it. She said it was fun and it was absolutely worth it. She knows her returning was good for the fans and good for the Big Brother series. Time will tell if fans see Janelle again on Big Brother or even possibly Survivor. 

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